Vancouver Harbour

Vancouver Harbour, originally uploaded by airam94564.

Vancouver harbour skyline as seen from the deck of a cruise ship.


  1. Vancouver is a fine city! nice one!
    thank you for your comments on my blog
    Wiley Willows!

  2. Very nice skyline there.

    Love the new layout as well. Only thing that bothers me is the main pictures have a transparency merging a bit with the background.

  3. Nice photo--I was lucky enough about six years ago to get to go on a cruise that left from Vancouver, so this shot brings back good memories.

  4. nice harbourand skyline. btw, try to blur out the background picture of your template. it's too distracting and merges with your pictures posted, methinks

    tutubi living in the philippines

  5. I agree with you tutubi and ferdz. I am still in the process of replacing it. It is way too distracting for my liking.

    Lynette, it was one heck of a view wasnt it, seeing Vancouver disappear slowly.

  6. Great shots of Vancouver, I should go there some time it really isn't that far from here. Thanks for visiting our blog.Ranger and Lloyd


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