11/28/07, originally uploaded by airam94564.

On my husband's birthday (11/28/07), we both took a day off and went around and played tourists in our backyard. It was one of those picture perfect day where there was plenty of sunshine, little clouds, mid 60 F. It was a perfect day to photograph the bridge; never been to this spot before and I can never fathom that. I have been here (marine headlands) but not on this spot.

This photograph reminds me of that wonderful day, although I took a ton of photos on that day, nothing can beat a bridge shot, I thought.

BTW, this is my 402nd post. 400th post totally passed me by unaware, imagine that?


  1. That is a terrific shot! Nice to have that lovely time with your husband, too. I bet that was a gorgeous day.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo.

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  2. Postcard perfect !

    Congratulations for your 402th post! Up to 500!
    Keep going !

  3. spectacular! this reminds me of our trip when we visited this bridge.

  4. What a great shot! The sky is blue, and it's so clear; and I can see a streak of contrail in the sky. What a lovely day!

  5. nice one...makes me wanna go there and pose for a change :P

  6. hi,
    got here thru mari's blog.
    your photos are indeed worth a thousand words! so brilliant and vivid. my fave is the flower below since i love gardening.
    nice blog!

  7. Photo Cache, please pick up your plaque/award/sticker at my blog.

  8. I second everyone comments! Thanks for visiting my blog.


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