11/28/07 2, originally uploaded by airam94564.

Finally, I have reached the last of this series, My 12 Fave Photos of 2007.

This was taken on 11/28/07 @ Point Bonita Lighthouse.

I am an auto focus type of photographer (if I may call myself that), but husband egged me to live a little and there are so many settings on the camera that have never been used. So, I did and we used a setting that is definitely not the auto button. I dont recall what it is, but it produced this.....a midnight scene taken at high noon. The lighthouse rays is courtesy of my friendly software, thought we'd add that to complete the vibe. This is the only one of my pictures that's been manipulated like this. I hardly ever touch my photos.

Thanks to Mari of ART AND SOUL for a very wonderful I HEART YOUR BLOG award. I truly appreciate this kindness.


  1. Beautiful! A fave of mine as well. Great you managed to capture those beams of light.

  2. fantastic shot!

  3. A nice night shot! The rays are amazing.

  4. I think it's a captivating photo with those lovely rays. Thanks for sharing it.


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