Happy Valentine's Day

IMG_0086, originally uploaded by airam94564.

People watchers I ask you, "Are these two together or not?"

Reading body language can be tricky sometimes. They sit close, but not close enough.

Anyway, whether you're in a celebratory mood today or not, hope this day turns out great for every one.


  1. happy valentine's day! this is an awesome picture of this cityscape!

  2. Thanks for your Valentine greetings. Hope you also had a lovely Hearts Day.

    Thanks for sharing this nice photo. Sometimes, it's fun observing people around. It's nice to take it easy and appreciate the many wonderful things around you.

  3. I only saw one of two until I clicked on the pic LOL. Given the available space, I think they sit close enough!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day!

    What an impressive skyline... and what a view from that bench.

  5. Maybe they're still getting to know each other! Great view!


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