Man VS Crow (Winter In Bangladesh)

A man in lungi is scoring the trunk of the date tree to gather syrup, which is Bangladesh version of maple syrup. Date syrup is also used to make molasses, which makes their pitha (rice cake) really tasty.

As soon as the man moves on to another tree, crows take his place in search of the sweet delight.


  1. wow coconut! it's nice to see the tree of life in other countries! i thought it only lives in the philippines.

    nway, thanks for your comment on my recent post about church visits. here's my reply:

    photo cache, wow! it's good to know, we both have the same patron saint. my mom had me drink the water from the holy spring naman kaya gumaling ang asthma ko. miracles do work, we just have to believe!

  2. oh my, it's date tree pala. i thought it's coconut! they look the same, maybe because they come from the same family.

    family tree? hehehe!

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  4. That is an interesting way of climbing the trees...
    Indeed it is a bit the same system as gather sap from coconut trees in the Philippines.

  5. It reminds me of Filipinos climbing coconut trees. Amazing how effortlessly they do it.

  6. I would love to see him extract the syrup. I rather think it's fascinating.

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