Much Needed Sign

One of the things I learned in my brief stay in Dhaka is that no self respecting Bangladeshi man or woman would use a public restroom, because they are more often than not dirty to digusting. Hence, whenever we were about to leave the house, I get reminded more than once to use the bathroom at home.

A problem arose when we were scheduled for a day-long trip around the city with a first stop in Panam City (Sonargaon),the old Bangladeshi capital and ancient capital of the kingdom of Bengal. To my delight, I spotted this sign, for which I had one eye always scouring my surroundings for one all the time. So, I went and it was clean, contrary to what I was told, probably because this is where tourists go, both local and foreign. They were all what the Singaporeans call "squat toilets". On the way out, I was told that I had to pay, it was a paid toilet. No wonder it was clean.


  1. at least we will all know where the toilet is. great shot!

  2. For me, I'd rather pay than get in a dirty disgusting free toilet. LOL Great shot!

  3. There is also a similar trend in Manila - paid toilets -- which are definitely much cleaner.

    When I was still living in NYC, I used to give our out of town guests a list of publicly-accessible clean toilets in Manhattan near the oppular tourist attractions :)

  4. Thank heavens you found a clean toilet. Sometimes you just have to make do with what you can find.

  5. I hate public toilets. In fact I do everything possible to avoid them. If I really need to go to a toilet I try to find a big Hotel. Sit for a while in the lobby and then proceed to the toilets... :-)

    Good this sign is translated in English !

  6. Men are lucky - they can use toilets of all kinds!

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  7. Glad you found a clean bathroom. I wouldn't mind paying if that was the case.


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