Chinatown Sightings

Chinatown Food Street (Smith Street and Trengganu Street). Street food stalls serving Singaporean, Chinese, Malay, Indian dishes among other foods. Eat while soaking up local sights and sounds, and the smell of it all is unbelievable. This is our first stop in Singapore. We have to eat right? We just followed our noses. We had fried kway teow (flat rice noodles, fried with sweet soya sauce, sliced sausage, cockles and scrambled egg) and laksa (rice noodles in savoury coconut curry with prawn, cockles, and bean sprouts. Served with shredded chicken, hard-boiled egg, and tofu). There was another dish that we had I just cant remember the name. We chose those two noodle dishes because most of the travel pamphlets that we read recommended these dishes as "must haves" when in Singapore. Truly, they're a must have.
Dried meats galore. If you have a craving for dried chinese sausages (good for pancit) and what ever dried meats, this is one of the many stalls selling these goodies. The ones to the left of this guy are dried duck. We wanted to get one to bring home but we forgot it.

We were in Singapore a week before the Chinese New Year; so there's a lot of fruits for sale. 3 for S$10, is that a good deal?

Vibrant and alive, that's Chinatown. You could not find an elbow room with all these people. It was fun though, despite the heat.

Beautifully restored shops are a surprise sight that I never expected. Really beautiful.

Sri Mariamman Temple is Singapore's oldest Indian temple, built in 1827 and is dedictated to the Hindu mother goddess. The tower outside featuring statues of divine beings is a sight to behold. I came when the sun went down and I have not seen much of this, unfortunately.


  1. I love Chinese food! i am sure I would love it there!

  2. Excellent series. These bring back so many happy childhood memories from when I lived in Singapore.

  3. Beautiful photos. There are so many great finds in China Town. Lovely shot of China Town at night. The tower is indeed impressive.


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