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I have noticed that my fellow bloggers are honoring spring with spring flowers and spring shots and here I am still hung up on my Singapore series. So, in unity with the blogging community, I temporarily suspend the Singapore series to give way to my spring snapshots. If I wait too long, it may not be spring when I find the chance to finally post them.

Taken April 12, 2008, Queen Wilhelmina Garden, Golden Gate Park, one beautiful Saturday when the city and the rest of the bay area experienced a glorious weekend of temperatures reaching 85. Could not remember another day as glorious as this one.


  1. Lovely, lovely flowers! Very colorful pic, Photo. I can imagine what a beautiful day it must have been.

  2. This is a beautiful array of spring flowers. You have really captured a very happy atmosphere with this shot:-)

  3. 2nd blog in a row in my bloghopping where I found tulips. nice one. tulips here are mostly cut flowers imported from holland

  4. Ah! As you know, all we have showing up here, in the frozen north, is a few Crocuses. I can't wait for the snow to finally melt! :)

  5. A gorgeous mix of flowers!


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