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Fountain Of Wealth at Suntec City is the world's largest fountain. It has a base area of 1683 sq metres and from this base area projects a huge 85-tonne (85,000kg) bronze frame resembling a tripod but with four legs. Water from the fountain shoots up to 30 metres high. Three times every day, you get a chance to go up real close to the fountain when it is turned off - from 9am - 11am, 2.30pm - 6pm and 7pm - 7.45pm - just so that visitors to it can partake in a ritual, which is the walk round the fountain. It is said that walking round the fountain and touching its water brings good luck to the person carrying out the ritual.

This is not the best angle to take this beautiful fountain. I don't know what I was thinking. It must be the suffocating heat and humidity (yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses!).


  1. Fantastic shot.

    Glad you liked my fence shot. I've posted one more pic of that fence today.

  2. Well at least you were able to take a photo of it. I wasn't when I was there.

    Oh yeah! The humidity

  3. Hugely interesting water fountain!

  4. It's a great shot. I would like to get near that auspicious fountain for good luck.


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