Flowers of Singapore

flowers of singapore_Page000, originally uploaded by airam94564.

I did not take a lot of flower shots on my trip. Here's a few of what I had taken.


  1. what a beautiful selection of flowers cache.... the white one with a spash of yellow is especially nice...

    i really enjoyed this!

  2. the flower on the upper right corner is one of my fave!

    btw. got ur link from ferdz...

  3. Beautiful shots and nice colors! Sadly, except for the purple orchids, I don't know what the rest are called. Hahaha

  4. carol, that one you like is plumeria (aka frangipani) and is called kalachuchi in the Philippines.

    mimi, thanks for the visit, that flower is called birds of paradise.

    panaderos, i dont know all their names either. nway, heard it was your b/day, belated greetings :)

  5. cache, the names are as pretty as the flower.... i googled it and found out it's a tree... and it blooms in Spring and through the summer, that's something i would like..

    thankyou for getting back to me with the name, i appreciate.


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