Roll Call

Elvis is here!
A roman in cell phone.

The pirates on parade.

Three little (pink) pigs.

Santa and butterflies.

Some superhero, help needed to identify him. Am lousy with comic book characters.

Marge Simpson and friend.

I will be taking a short break in connection with our Memorial Day holidays. I promise to take plenty of shots, and I am bringing the tripod this time to take better snaps.


  1. I love the costumes. It made the parade very colorful and fun to watch.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. the superhero is Flash, his superpower is obviously speed.
    very nice shot!

  3. What a fabulous parade! All those characters sure made me smile.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. It's been a while but I hope to visit your blog more regularly. A lot of things have happened in my so called life, which prevented me from being more active online. Enjoy the week ahead!

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman

  4. Haha! This event seems so much fun. Yeah that's Flash on the red costume.

  5. i like the three pink pigs and simpsons :)

  6. the man in the red costume is Flash of Justice League :)

  7. Fun, fun, fun! Thanks for the smile. :)

  8. Interesting shots I like the Roman with the cell phone.

  9. Interesting images...lovely :-)

  10. haha... santa seems out of place but that's ok.... and elvis has left the building and went to the parade.... :)

    hey cache, where are you.... you are missed!...

  11. thank you every one for the comments. still have a couple more posts with this series. glad you enjoyed so far.

  12. these are colorful characters!:D i love marge simpson's hairdo (hehe).

  13. Yes its, fun parade with everyone's wacky costume!


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