Something's Afoot

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There was a lot of construction going on when we were there. Later on upon our return home I checked what's going on, apparently, they are constructing more resorts and on this development is the first Universal Studios theme park outside of the US.

So fellow Asians, you may not need to travel to mainland US to enjoy Universal Studios. It would be closer to get to.


  1. The theme park will be great once it's built. very nice!

  2. They need to build another one. The other ones are getting too crowded, esp. during summer and holidays.

  3. I've thoroughly enjoyed this whole series. A way to travel abroad from the comfort of my office! *wink*

  4. It looks like they're reclaiming land for this new theme park. I hope they make it into a big park. HK Disney wasn't that big when compared to the Disney parks in Anaheim and Florida.


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