Christ Church

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In the center of the city is Malacca's famous Dutch Square. It is also known as the Red Square because of the crimson colored old buildings that surrounds the area. To me the most dominant building is the Christ Church completed in 1753.

It was formerly the Dutch Reformed Church of Malacca, but is now an Anglican Church.

The pink bricks were brought from Holland and plastered with local red laterite.

It is the oldest surviving Dutch church building found outside the Netherlands.

It simply is gorgeous. I read that this is a popular place for photo shoot of newlyweds. Red brick building is the perfect backdrop for any kind of photo shoot. Plus red is considered lucky with Chinese, right.

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  1. Nice church. The architectural style is quite different from the church styles that we've grown accustomed to in our country which were based on church architecture in the southern part of Europe.

  2. it is different, for sure.... i am used to the churches with the steeple....

    did you go inside cache... i would love to get a peek....

    the last place that we lived there were Dutch Reform but their churches were nothing like this.

  3. Interesting architecture and gorgeous color!

  4. mr baker...yeah it was a pleasant find. I really liked it.

    oh carol...i had an inkling you would be asking whether i went in or not LOL!!! nope, not enough time, pity really!

    ash...yes, the color really got to me too.

  5. looks lika a mexican style church.


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