Finish Line

Also spotted was this guy in a Jews For Jesus tee, something new!
Performers at a regular interval line up the route. Here's a group of women practicing the japanese drumming. Sorry too lazy to google name.

A rock band was among the performers.

Too much trash was left. I have a shot of beer bottles too.

There's the finish line. Time is 2:42, me crossing the line two hours after it began. Of course I did not run/walk the entire 7 miles. Maybe next year.
With these shots, I close this series.


  1. congrats for finishing!

  2. Your pictures give us an idea of the atmosphere of the race and of course the music. Great series!

  3. it's a good thing they have cleanup crews for the trash....

    a great series cache... we're glad you were there otherwise we would not have these fine photos.... i enjoyed

  4. thanks for sharing the photos...we could almost say---we were there, too!:D

  5. Congratulations for finishing and thanks for the photos too! :)

  6. Hello!
    Good pics! The japanese drums are called taiko, :-)


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