The Stadthuys

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Situated in Melaka city.
The Dutch Square is famous for its red-painted buildings. It has a display of many unique Dutch mansonry and architectural skills. The Stadthuys, in the Dutch Square, was built in 1650, it is a typical Dutch building with a clock tower. It was once an official home to the Dutch Governors. The Melaka Clock Tower was built in 1886.

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  1. Neat! I love the rich colour of the red.

  2. Very European. Why the fondness for Red? Does the color symbolize something for the Dutch?

  3. it looks like it would be a governors building..... very stately...

    when i was researching Melaka i came upon something that refers to the red buildings....

    'they tend to be not well preserved and the city government decided to paint all the buildings in the historical district a bright brick red some years ago, which detracts from their aesthetic value. '

    Melaka is quite interesting....

  4. Alex, I do too. It's so rich and appealing.

    Mr. Baker, I don't have a clue as to what this symbolizes. I guess it was just what's avaiable at that time.

    Sonia, thanks for the visit again.

  5. dong, thanks, yeah tiled roof goes well with this structure i thought.

    carol, i wished i researched it before we came. thing is it was a spur of the moment decision. we decided today and tomorrow we were off to malacca. but it's a quaint little town.

  6. Red is a lovely and striking color. It makes a structure stand out.


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