Dear EJ

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A brave boy who faced appendectomy and came out of surgery with a good attitude. We love you darling and we are proud of you.

Again, if you don't see the complete picture, please click image. Thanks.


  1. EJ... i am so glad your surgery went well... and you know what.. it happened at just the right time, now you can get better and enjoy the summer!

    and, i like your NFL shirt... is that the SF 49ers.... i have a favorite team too, but if i tell you you'll probably say 'Naw, they suck!'.... that's what my son says... his fav is Denver Broncos... :)

    this is a nice photo cache .... 'get well soon' wishes coming your way EJ.

  2. Wonderful. And pleased to hear this one had a happy ending! :)

  3. I know he is one brave boy and I am so proud to be his mother. He is one tough boy and he made it less scary for me. You know, I don't care how routine a procedure is, the doctor can tell you how many million times they've performed such procedure when it's your son on that operating table - it is A MAJOR SURGERY.
    Thank you for the visit. It was much appreciated

  4. carol----thanks. yeah if there was a perfect timing for it (there never is of course) summer would be the time to have it.

    alex----always nice to see you here.

    che---wasn't he brave? i thought he had enough bravery for all of us (adults, timmy included). he was also able to communicate with his nurse. when asked what number his pain was, he immediately answered. when my doc asks what number my pain is i usually pause and think first :) he's grown up too fast.

  5. Truly a very brave kid. I'm very happy for EJ and his family that the surgery went very well.

    I wish him a speedy and full recovery. :)

  6. A very brave child indeed. Wishing him good health and a speedy recovery.

  7. Just having the thought of getting cut gives me shivers. brave boy!

  8. one brave boy! who would not be proud of him?

  9. He sounds like a really brave boy to undergo such a big operation like that. I'm glad the surgery went well.


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