Golden North Hotel

3rd and Broadway, Skagway, Alaska

Built in 1898, the oldest operating hotel in Alaska was a two story hotel, moved in 1908 by horse and capsten to its present location. A third story and the world famous golden dome was also added at this time.Corrington's purchased the property in 1997 and spent more than one million dollars renovating the Crown Jewel of the Gold Rush. Now solid and up to code, each of the 31 rooms are dedicated to gold rush families and filled with their momentos and antiques.The first floor offers a 60 seat pub, 80 seat Victorian style restaurant, 30 seat outdoor patio and Southeast Alaska’s first microbrewery. (info from website)

I have found that I have still some old materials that have never seen the light of day in this blog. It's time I thought they get their share of the limelight :). Anyway, here's one of the remarkable old buildings I found in Skagway. This small coastal town, the gateway to the Klondike, is filled with preserved buildings. Thought I'd start sharing them with you.


  1. i love old buildings. must've been fun staying in one

  2. Love the details in the larger version, and appreciate the background blurb, I always love to know more about the shots people take.

  3. i like its classic look and the size tells me how beautiful it can be inside.

  4. A very interesting building!

  5. This reminds me of a movie i saw when i was a little girl.. " North to Alaska"..... . in the Klondike days... this is a beautiful hotel.... perhaps it was used in the movie....

    Alaska is on our list of 'places to visit' when Robert retires... looking forward to that!

  6. Very nice hotel. Nice shot.

    Btw, I tagged you if you won't mind. The details are on my site. Thanks in advance. :)


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