Helichrysum (everlasting)

Helichrysum (everlasting), originally uploaded by airam94564.

I am inspired to post another flower. I hope you all don't mind. This is from my plant that has continuously bloomed for two straight years. This was from a seed.


  1. Beauty! The everlasting flower I'm familiar with is yellow...the one they sell to tourists in Baguio.

  2. Always a delight to be greeted by a flower shot, they make my day. And this one has such an amazing colour!

  3. this is a beaut and one that is new to me.... i love the soft pastel colors... very, very nice.... it's a plus for any garden... i like... :)

  4. such a nice close-up shot...everlasting also?

  5. Beatiful ~one of my fav flowers..we call them strawflowers also..and you know you can pick the flowers and they stay as they are..so if you want flowers for a wreath, or poppourri, or just to put in a bowl..they dry excellent!~Guess they deserve the name everlastings!! :) They really do last forever without changing color, I have some from years ago..I grow mine from seed also~makes them extra special~doesn't it..?! :)
    Happy Tuesday!


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