Photo Hunt #1: Cloud (s)

Photo Hunt #1: Cloud (s), originally uploaded by airam94564.

What do you know, it's clouds for my first photo hunt meme. One subject I love, that's why I entered the Sky watch meme, and here it is for my first photo hunt. I can never be tired of clouds and cloudscapes.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my photoblog and that wonderful compliment about my food photos.

    By the way, I noticed that your pictures do not show completely on screen. That happened to me too because Flickr posts photos of 500 size while Blogger posts photos of 400 size max. What you can do is edit the HTML and specify a larger size for the main wrapper and outer wrapper. You can enlarge the header wrapper by making it the same size as the outer wrapper. Hope that helps. Remember though to save your template first or preview before saving. You only need to change the numbers.

  2. Whoof! My Mom ‘Bean & I both like yur picture of clouds today. Real purty woof the trees and such too.

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  3. Welcome to PH! That's a remarkable photo of the sky.

  4. nice clouds! here if i take a pciture
    it's clouds all the way...boring grey with no blue breaks :(

    btw, where is your home town in NE?


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