Photo Hunt #3: Colorful

Photo Hunt #3: Colorful, originally uploaded by airam94564.

Bangladeshi women in their colorful saris (sarees).

I remember the first time I donned a saree, I put it the wrong way. As you can see the flap should go to the left shoulder. I did not know that.

The woman in the left is my husband's aunt (wife of his mother's youngest brother) and the one on the right is a family friend and has become my friend too, Nisha.

Please click on image if you dont see a complete picture. Thanks.


  1. Those are very colorful clothes!

  2. Those saris are exquisite. I love the beautiful pattern and combination of colors.

  3. i have no idea that Bangladeshi wear saris as well...i thought only must post your pic in sari too...-:)

  4. Nice informative post. I didn't know until now that the flap had to go over the woman's left shoulder. :)

  5. the patterns and colors of the sari are stunning.... i think there are many ways of wearing a sari...

    comfort comes to mind when i see a woman in a sari too.... and i find them to be stylish and elegant...

    these ladies are beautiful!

  6. I want to see YOU! :) Very colorful!


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