They Come in Bunches

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We left downtown with full stomach and check out this road we have never seen before. On the way, we spotted a little Mexican cantina and vowed to stop there on the way home for a little good taco. I know we are full, but there's always a room for taco right?

This drive was basically to see if we can photograph grapes. I have never timed our drives here for a shot of ready to pick grapes. Our research showed that the harvest was a couple of weeks ago so I thought snapping shots of fall vineyards colors would be good too, even though I had shots in my archives of them.

But lo and behold! I found a vineyard that still have green leaves and ripe fruits. I really don't know if these are just left overs from the harvest as you can see some of the fruits are drying up. While a couple of leaves are red, the rest are still green.

We stopped by that little cantina after our photo session and found that the little cantina is more of a bar that serves taco and other American food like fries, hotdogs, burgers. We said no to that cantina. Frustrated we headed home.

There is still one image left for this series.


  1. That's a beautiful shot of the grapes. Sorry about the cantina not being what you wanted.

  2. we are simpy enjoying this series. looks like the fruits are frozen even when it's not.

  3. Did you eat some of those grapes...? they look delicious.

  4. I love photographing grapes myself! These are truly ripe for the picking. It was unfortunate that we missed the harvest while in Napa - they were having it a week after we left Napa.

    The colours in the photo are gorgeous!

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    I, Woman

  5. A very interesting shot for me who has never visited a vineyard in person. I can't imagine why they would be leaving the grapes to dry up. Fine shot.

  6. Oh I love these, these are my favorites... Thanks for stopping by my blog. We can ex links if you want. Thanks so much.

  7. Beautiful!!!!! The colors are fantastic. I think the dried ones add some charm to the photo!

  8. i only see them in films. i don't even know what they smell like. your photo is a good approximation what the things i rarely (or never) encounter. nice on the texture.

  9. Those grapes look excellent. I like them more as they are, not in wine.

  10. Yummy looking grapes. Nice contrast of dark purple with brownish red.


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