Done Fishing

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I can't stay away from blogging for too long. And while my self imposed ban on blogging is not over, I thought I'd pop in here and post something.

I am thankful for all the appreciative comments on my Floral Parade series. I am in between series right now and will post random snaps.

BTW, all my to-do items on my list have been checked off except that Twilight moment. I think I may have to wait a while till all the tweens are tired of watching it for the nth time. I want to see a movie when the theatre is less crowded.

But I went to see Bonds and seriously, I have just gotten used to Brosnan (Roger Moore is my ultimate Bond) so I have not really embraced Craig yet. And the movie was not all that, IMHO.

Hoped you had a wonderful holidays.


  1. Hallo,
    I had some fish yesterday.
    Good to see people woorking for their dinner.
    Beautiful designed shot.

  2. Hey Maria! Do people fish during this season? Nice capture. I have not seen James Bond myself no matter how many times we've planned to! It's just so crazy over here - especially since we only have 12 days before we fly home.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments.

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman

  3. Maria love the image and pleased you broke your ban:)
    I have not yet seen the new Bond Movie, but I ahve to say Sean Connery is my favorite Bond.

  4. I love this shot. So peaceful and beautiful. I loved Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. I haven't seen the new one yet. I'm old enough that Sean Connery the only Bond for me for a long time, although I was very young during his early movies (I'm 51). I never really got Roger Moore in the role. I did enjoy Pierce Brosnan but I loved Daniel Craig's first outing as Bond. I've heard such mixed reviews about the new one that I'm holding out for it to be available on Netflix. So there, I've admitted to thinking about Bond, LOL.

  5. What a pleasant and relaxing way to spend the day...with or without a catch.

  6. I like the new Daniel Craig as the latest James Bond, although he could never surpassed the original James Bond, sean Connery. I think Roger Moore is too sissy for the the James Bond role and got no macho appeal.

  7. I'm typing this, I'm watching the previous Bond movies. I didn't like Daniel Craig as Bond either. I think that Sean Connery is the ultimate bond. ;)

  8. Anonymous, I knew all along that I would be in the minority picking Moore over Connery, but I grew up with Moore. Later on in life did I realize that there was another Bond. So for me, my original was always Moore.

    Come on, sissy is a bit much. Let's call it suave, debonair, and hunky.

  9. looking forward for the new theme. this transition is still as good as your previous post.

    i like sean connery's bond series.

  10. Looks like a fine day for fishing.

    Hope you will get the chance to watch Twilight soon. I want to watch it again. :)

    I miss Brosnan but Craig as Bond is slowly growing on me.

  11. Good to see a nice summer shot these days!


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