Dhaka Ruins

IMG_0436, originally uploaded by airam94564.

Here's another image that did not make it to my Bangladesh series that ran earlier this year.

I searched flickr and other sites for shots of these ruins by other photogs; however, I could not find any, so far. That must be because these ruins are mausoleums inside a Christian Cemetery and I don't think the many people go there or know they're there.

When I went ga-ga over these ruins, my in-laws nonchalantly mentioned they are centuries old and nobody seemed to really think they are awesome. I have seen one dating back as far as 1700. These are mausoleums by English invaders if that is the correct word.

They amazingly have stood the test of time and elements.


  1. Love the texture of this building Maria and the people give it good perspective:)

  2. I like places with a lot of history, too. This one evokes a feeling of mystery.

    Yep, I'm back home and have lined up all my photos! :D

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo.

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman

  3. Hmm...I have seen quite a number of those 'weathered' building but sometimes I do not pay much attention to them. I'll learn to look at things around me in another point of view. :)

  4. I would definitely go ga-ga over them, too, Mroy! For sure.

  5. Lurch---Thanks. I did like having people in this frame too.

    Joy---Oh I am so envious. Eat some puto bumbong for me, will ya?

    Bipolar Haven---I think it depends on what one's interests are. I think I like old architecture/building that's why I got so enamored with these ruins.

    Ginnie---I am glad you too.

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  7. Wow, that is absolutely beautiful! I love things like this!

  8. year 1700? it's amazing to think if how these people do this during their time...

  9. i also enjoy taking shots of ruins but i dont easily find them. so i rarely feature them. i like this shot.

  10. lovely texture. plus, the people on the side gave the photograph more substance. =)

  11. Amazing building. The craftsmanship in building this was magnificient.

  12. This is a fine capture of this great looking structure. That most don't know they are there helps diligent camera buffs to get good, unique shot! :-) Nice work.

  13. Femin---thank you for the kind words, have a good christmas to you too.

    2sweet---i am glad, they are pretty aren't they?

    luke--i agree about the "find" thing.

    islander--yes, it's amazing how far their technology was in those days.

    dong--i got lucky, was at the right place at the right time i guess.

    paoruiz--i didnt touch them, no one was touching them, but i did like the texture. thanks for dropping by.

    alice--amen to that.

    don--hope they stay for a long time.

  14. The photo is very vivid. That mausoleum seems creepy

  15. Stunning shots and great blog! :-)


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