More of Yosemite And A Tagged Award

Located in the beautiful Yosemite Valley, the Yosemite Chapel is the oldest structure in Yosemite. I wanted to get married there; but it was too far and we didn't plan well ahead of time. Oh by the way, this is a drive-by, can you believe it? This is why I can't get rid of my Canon Powershot A630, my trusted point and shoot, it never fails me.


Holy cow! I got an award. Rare is the occasion when a photoblogger like me gets cited for recognition. But I guess we are not immune to being tagged and awarded with such honor.

The misguided soul who thought this humble site is deserving of such award is the baker, aka Panaderos. Sometime last year, by stroke of luck and incessant bloghopping, a click of the mouse landed me on his site. I bookmarked his blog instantaneously, because whatever post I first read I was sold. Come to think of it, I vaguely remember on his old site he used to participate in a photo meme called PHOTO HUNT. I came for the meme; I stayed for the witty posts. On that first click I remembered being engrossed and entertained by what he had written. I read one post and then another and another. I knew right away I was hooked.

Not only was his style easy as a Sunday morning (sorry Lionel for lifting this line), but his topic run the gamut from 80s music (which was very popular) to work related anecdotes (where everyone wants to pipe in their 2c worth), from relationships to day-to-day observations. It is not easy for me to list down all the reasons for making his blog a daily read (because the list would go on and on), but take my word, go over there and read a post or two and you too will be an instant fan.

The Honest Scrap Awards are bestowed by bloggers to fellow bloggers whose blog contents or design in the giver's opinion, is brilliant.

Here are the rules:

When receiving this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim and link back to said person so every one knows he or she is real.

Choose a minimum of 7 blogs you find brilliant in content and design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don't have 7 friends. Show the random 7 victims' names and links and leave a harrassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well there is no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten honest things about yourself then pass it on.

The second part of this award requires me to share/list at least ten honest things about me. Okay as honestly as I possibly can here are my ten things:

1. I don’t read operating manuals. It bores me. When I got my first car in 1994, a brand new Honda Civic Hatchback, my brother told me to read the manual and learn where everything is before I operate it. I didn’t read the manual. I drove it for the first time (avoided the freeway in lieu of city street, which took longer but thought was a safe bet given it was my first time to drive by myself) in winter and I did not know where the heater button was. I was freezing and shaking all the way to work.

2. I’ve always loved photography. In the pre-digital era, my focus was snapshots of my friends and family and co-workers. Now I loved drive by and landscape. I don’t see any progress in my efforts, which my husband’s friend contradicts. He was my only audience and first critic before I started a photo blog.

3. My favorite storyteller is Billy Crystal. He cracks me up big time. Close second is my niece Timmy who has the gift of gab; she should be a stand-up comic. (Sure one of you from Estates is reading this, pass this info to Timmy)

4. I like Tony Bourdain, David Letterman, Morgan Freeman and the Eagles, which resulted in my husband’s deduction that I am fascinated by old menJ.

5. My favorite memories with my brothers: biking in the early morning with brother #4 and listening to and learning from his stories, I wanted to be as intelligent as he is; and pushing the motorcycle away from the house so brother #3 and I could go riding in the fields without my mother hearing us leave. Brother #3 and I always put the slip on mom when we want some riding done. Those were fun times.

6. For someone shy, I often found myself in front of people. In high school I was picked to participate in both the declamation contest and spelling bee (written); but had scheduling conflicts. My teacher asked me to choose which one I’d rather join. I chose declamation. I didn’t win; but that was an interesting choice looking back because I was shy then. In college when the professor gave us a choice as to whether perform a monologue or write a book report, again I chose to do the monologue. The people in that class were all surprised because I was the only one who did not write a book report :)

7. I’ve always been attracted to guys with chinky eyes (Chinese features including skin color); I married a Bangladeshi (Indian-looking with big round eyes and dark skin :)

8. In college I loved to debate in class. I remember having this lengthy ping-ponging of ideas with one girl. She was for the government policy; I took the con side (are you even surprised?). Anyway, she just wouldn’t see the light. We went around and around and exasperated from out of nowhere this question came out of my mouth, “Are you by any chance related to a government official?” And guess what? She said, “My father is the governor.” With that, I looked at my professor and told her: “I rest my case.”

9. I’m fascinated with the English accent. I think I am anglophile. I’ve been encouraging my husband to find a job across the pond so I can join him. I want to acquire that accent :).

10. My matchmaking career was cut short when my friend’s wife (didn’t know he had one) dropped in for a visit one day inquiring if I have knowledge of her husband was coming home that weekend. He was working in another province and comes home to our province once a month, or so I was told. Apparently, she got hold of the letters I wrote him and the mention of another woman’s name, which the wife also knew. To her credit she came as pleasant as a real friend and that she knew I wasn’t really after her husband. Needless to say, that classmate and ex-friend copped out and did no explaining about this. That stopped my career as a match maker.

Here now are the 7 blogs I find brilliant in content and design (which I think is tantamount to tagging that person, right?)

1. DENNIS VILLEGAS---Very impressive content, nothing half baked. And oh the photos are fabulous.

2. DONG HO---If we are in the world of showbusiness, I think he's the man of the hour, did you see all those people visiting his blog and commenting on his posts? He goes on trips and takes us there with his comprehensive posts.

3. LAWSTUDE---Another class act. I armchair travel with his posts too. I feel like I've been all over the Philippines by visiting his blog.

4. RAYTS---Nice to have a woman's point of view with her travelogue and her incredible photos. Her portraits are just as breath taking as her landscapes.

5. FERDZ---I think he's the CLINT EASTWOOD of photo blogs. Need I say more?

6. GIZELLE---Just think about this, she has three kids (four if you include the husband), goes to school herself, maintains a household, and still manages to run four blogs that are all wonderfully different. I think she's a superwoman.

7. BW---The only non photo blog among the lot. He creates these well-thought of and well-crafted and timely posts that stir his readers to react. And that's the mark of a good post when people get affected by it, either in a positive or a negative way, people just want to be heard and so his comment section is always full.

Mr. Baker, sir, mission accomplished.


  1. How delightfully quaint! This could be a pretty painting.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. Come back tomorrow!


    A Pinay In Englando
    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman

  2. Postcard perfect ! Amazing if you took this from your car...

    Congrats for the award... well deserved !

  3. Thanks a million for doing the tag and thank you very much for the compliments. I'm blushing and quite flattered. Hehehe

    You deserve the award, my friend. I like your photos of the scenery from the various places you and your hubby have been to. I learn a lot about the places too through your writings. I've never been to much of Northern California and Nevada but thanks to you, I now have an idea of where to go should I have the chance one day to tour the area. Thanks a lot! :)

  4. No wonder you wanted to get married there, Maria. It's so idyllic.

  5. Thanks so much for your kind words. when you say that some people are affected in some way , negative or positive, much of it would have to do with myself first
    being the author of the post hehe :) I get the feeling when sometimes a frequent reader elects not to comment.. oops, I may have said something bad :) Thanks again.

    #1 - like my wife. She once called me on the cell to find out where the button for the back wiper of the car is located, after driving the new car for months :(

    #2 boy you're one heck of a prolific photographer !

    #8 hahaha... this could qualify as a joke :)

    #9 I know people who are like you. perhaps the English accent impresses them as the language of royalty :)

  6. oh boy. i bet the air is always fresh there.

    thanks for the award and will do the tag later. :)

  7. Vintage say great photo

  8. Congratulations! The translation of this so long text has been hard, but it has been worth the trouble, in spite of the translation errors, to know a little more you! The photos of this place are precious!

  9. mawahahaha thanks for the compliments! :D Teka lang gagawin ko yan soon!

  10. wow! thanks a lot photo cache. im humbled by such words.

    thank you also for being a frequent visitor of my blog.

  11. Just an idyllic place Maria. Superb capture!

  12. I love quaint little churches like that and it is a great shot!

  13. Wow I won an award!!! I hope I'm not dreaming! heheheh...

    Coming from a fellow photoblogger like you (whose works I really admire), this award is more important to me than my college diploma.

    I feel very happy. Thank you for making my day!

  14. Glad to know more about you apart from the great photos you share. I was smiling at the 'shy' part and surprised that you didn't opt for a book report. I'm not fond of operating manuals, too. I only refer when I'm already much in trouble. Heehee. And yes, I like old men in that case that I like Earth, Wind and Fire, Bee Gees, etc. Another big yes, to chinky eyes!


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