Another One

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Are you tired of GCNP already? Don't worry I only have a few more lined up for this series.

Okay, so how's your first weekend of May? It's been raining here, far from being a soaker though, but rainy day just the same.

And oh I want to congratulate Manny Pacquiao for another victory. Boy, I'm glad I didn't get tempted to order the game, which lasted only 2 rounds, would have been an expensive two round fight. I remember getting a call from my Indian friend who left a message on my machine asking if we knew who's having the fight on so he can watch it. We suggested he go to a sports bar and watch it there.


  1. it's so odd that only in that area has snow while the rest of the area looks dry.

    congratulations to manny, freedie and the whole team pacquiao.

  2. Beautiful one! its rainy here in Manila for the past few days. But its sunny in the western part of Luzon (zambales and pangasinan).

    Mabuhay si Manny! :)

  3. I for one am liking your GCNP series a lot. The scenery is amazing!

    Seems like the fight took most people by surprise. Even those who were predicting Manny's victory weren't expecting the fight to be over so quickly! I'm not a big boxing fan, but Manny sure is a fast hitter.

  4. Beautiful! My May kicked off with an eye sore. But I'm thankful my eyes are better now.

  5. i will never ever get tired of this series of photos! weather is erratic. will rain in the morning then will be really humid throughout the day. i've just seen the video on youtube. quite an expensive fight nga.

  6. I like see the GC under some snow. Nice variation from the "regular" kind of shots seen.

  7. Very nice. The people in the picture really helps give it scale and depth.


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