Begin the Week With Beautiful Thoughts

Love is in the air, originally uploaded by M'roy.

of love and friendship.

Is this photo familiar to you? Nope? Okay go to the Photo Hunt two posts down and you will notice black silhouette on the grass infront of the building. I got curious so I went closer and well what do you know, the couple found a scenic spot to talk and be together.

And someone called me a snoop! I was just doing it for art's sake.

Happy Monday everyone. Hope it's a great week. Happy June too.


  1. What exactly were they looking at?

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  2. That's a touching shot. Well done.

  3. looks like they are on a date :)

    Happy Monday to you too.

  4. perfectly framed photo. i like the color mix.

  5. The title is inspiring enough. =) The couple looks charming with that as background. They should ask for a copy of this shot. Only if they knew. =)

  6. Happy students then!
    Beautiful capture.
    Enjoy your week.

  7. thats a lovely moment you have captured

  8. cute!!!!! they found their own spot!

  9. Yes I remember your shot of that building. It's great to see the silhouette up close.


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