My New York Minutes 9

IMG_0205, originally uploaded by M'roy.

A little church I saw and passed by on the way to St. John the Divine Cathedral. Somewhere in Manhattan.

On a different note, Congratulations are in order for the wonderful and unexpected second place finish of the American soccer (football) team at the recently concluded FIFA Confederation Cup. It was an exciting game. But Brazil is Brazil. That was a good showing for the Americans. I may just consider Donovan a good contender for a name when I get a dog.

Also my apologies for not visiting your blogs as often as before. I am extremely busy and the fact that I am not at work during this week (away from computer screen all day) means I have no time to surf and bloghop.


  1. congratulations to brazil! they massacre teams.

    i like the door facade of that building. so intricate.

    and by the way, you havent email me yet for the prize. i might not be able to send it to you there but at least i can give it to someone here in the philippines.

  2. I watched the game and was pleased when the USA went two goals ahead man Dempsey and Donovan sure pulled the stops out, but as you say Brazil always a a major threat.
    Dont get me started on Football/soccer it's one of my favorite sports.
    Love the pic by the way!!

  3. the US doing great on football? hmmm...hehe...nice details on the door

  4. Lovely balance to this composition. Nicely framed!

  5. many church doors in the northeastern US look similar to this ,,, i think.

    i enjoy your photo hunt #44. that's my favorite spot to look at and take pictures of the UN headquarters.

    to answer your question the other day:

    there is nothing to 33. i just like the number.

  6. I never follow soccer...thanks for the update.

  7. I like this photo. It looks so serene and quite hard to believe that this place is right in busy Manhattan. :)

  8. lovely facade of the church. i like its intricate details. not a fan of soccer though

  9. The Dog named Donovan. Yeah. I think you do need to consider it.

    P.S. I've forgotten what kind of camera you use. Could you kindly remind me, as I'm constructing my new blogroll based on camera type?


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