My New York Minutes (16)

IMG_0486, originally uploaded by M'roy.

The streets of NYC and the whole town itself is so vibrant. If you stand your ground, you will see a kaleidoscope of activities around you. There is so many interesting things to see.

I spotted a "photo shoot" in the middle of Grand Central Station when we went there for a shoot time. My husband and I debated about this. I insisted this was a pre-wedding photos; he said he thought he saw a wedding ring already worn by the couple. Who won? He did. Although I still maintain that while they were wearing bands, they might not have been wedding bands :) Such is my faith!

I wish I had more time in this city that never sleeps and delivers your food 24/7.


  1. That would have been so fun to watch, Marie. Did you learn anything?? :D

  2. Hope you did win, more sweet if it was for a wedding whatever it was for, ganda pa rin...

  3. Whatever their marital situation, at least that was one great photo op right there. But as always, and as you've pointed out, something's happening somewhere in this ever busy city. I myself couldn't keep up:)

  4. I hope I'd be able to snap something like that. The lady looks lovely.

  5. that was sweet! amidst the busy station, there was a couple showing their affection for one another. :D


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