Museu Picasso

I had Sagrada Familia as my must visit. My husband had Picasso Museum.
On the second day of our stay, we planned to hit Park Guell and Picasso Museum. It was a day of art overdose :) After getting back to Las Ramblas (we keep coming back here) from Park Guell, we decided to go to the museum on foot. Taking the train and the bus on our first day, I was eager to explore the city on foot.
I saw a lot of narrow alleys like this one. This leads straight to the museum. The guy in blue (on foot, not on bike) was actually in a few of my pics. I didn't realize that until I was sorting all the pics to post here. Do you think he's a local thinking I'm a crazy tourist snapping furiously?
Finally we found the entrance. On the left is the ticket counter, on the right is the stairs that lead to the second floor (or first floor by European standards) museum. The museum I found out is housed in five adjoining medieval palaces. Sadly, no photography allowed. I could have shown you that one luxurious room that appears as if it was used as a parlor in the old days. I really wanted to shoot the room which after all had no paintings on it, but I played it safe and obeyed the rules.
I hardly knew who Picasso was, but the museum has extensive collection of his works. My full attention was captured by his works. I am ashamed to admit this, but when visiting museums, I never really pay attention to the written words, or explanation, description, etc. I am a visual learner, but here it was different. We spent a lot of time going from one room to another, reading voraciously on the descriptions of every picture. We had an amazing time.
Below is a gift shop, no surprise there. I had a marvelous time browsing through all the Picasso related items for sale.
From prints to mags, from tees to pens and a whole lot more - they have everything you wanted to bring home :) They made sure of that.
Being a first-timer in Europe, I was in awe of the medieval architecture.

Love all the stone and arches. Sorry about the sub par quality of these photos. We used up a lot of batteries in three days in Barcelona alone, and we haven't even got on the cruise yet. Which means we had a lot of photos that didn't really turn out well. Photos captured from dying batteries just doesn't turn out pretty, duh!


  1. You have no need to complain about your images, Maria! They are giving us a wonderful travelogue through your trip. I didn't visit Picaso's museum, so you saw more than I did!

  2. I love all the medieval stuff as well!

  3. I didn't visit this place Maria. Thanks for sharing!

  4. cool I am a visual reader too :) that was quite a honest post, including the guy in blue hehe :) was it on purpose ? he is cute though :)

  5. That handsome fellow must be your husband...

    We get the mood of the city with your nice pictures!

  6. oh, i'm envious! :D i like Picasso's works. i'm also a visual learner though in places like this, i would tend to read.

    i don't mind the quality, as long as you have beautiful pictures to share, ok na ko! :D

  7. Wow, I've wanted to go to Barcelona but it didn't materialize. Now, your photos make me want to go! Wonderful photography here!

  8. Very interesting tour, Maria.
    I saw the Museum Picasso in Paris, which is worth visiting as well.

  9. Like you I am also a visul learner so when it comes to museums I actually have to visit them again to fully comprehend what the displays are all about.

    Thanks for sharing your photos :)

  10. love the medieval architecture as well. too bad, no photography was allowed inside the museum.

  11. hi photo cache, the alley walks are always my favorite spots, expecting to photograph the unexpected.
    a pity you can;t take a foto of the inside ( as all museum are usually are.) nonetheless, your explanation made it worthwhile.
    and don;t wory about the bleu guy, i'm sure he;ll understand that you're a hungry tourist! ^0^
    snapping fotos everywhere.
    i tend to do that a lot also. ^0^

  12. First of all, this post about Museu Picaso is great! You did a good job in this Catalunha serie. Well done!

    Thanks for the comment.
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  13. I enjoyed your step-by-step art overdose day! :-) Great descriptions.

  14. I've never been a huge Picasso fan, but I LOVE the architecture, and those t-shirts were cool. I don't really like t-shirts, either, but I love those.

    Totally makes me laugh that you got the same stranger in several photos!

  15. Nice place! Very clean! I hope I could go there someday!

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    Thanks a lot!

  16. And I thought the guy looking back was your husband. I've seen some of Picasso's works at the MOMA in NYC - a real genius!

  17. I figure that most locals are used to tourists snapping furiously at everything in sight hehe

    I've never been to Spain so this series of your trip has taken me (virtually) to a place I'd love to visit some day. Thanks for the visual tour :)

  18. that local tourist is on to you. beware of the photo magnet LOL!


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