I kept Shooting

Who wouldn't be? Why wouldn't I, when the extent of my visit to Athens is limited to Acropolis and Agora?

Rooftops galore
There was a mountain in the distance. Help needed in identifying it.
Marble bench
I was very disappointed that I hardly had any people-watching images. I guess when you have centuries-old structures to photograph, the choice is clear.

On a personal note - my cat Emma is pretty pissed that I'm taking too long in blogging. She keeps walking up and down the keyboard. So I better sign off here, I've got a cat to pet :D


  1. Another beautiful header, Maria! And YES, of course you keep shooting. I'm so glad you did!!

  2. parang pare pareho yung mga roof hehe. ang cute nung couple na nag uusap. ;)

    i love the new header! great picture! :)

  3. i love your new header...lovely colors.
    it's called Lykavittos Hill.

  4. Very scenic especially the second one with the mountain.
    Thanks for the visit:)

  5. Your second picture is just wonderful and impressive Maria!

  6. love the header! well, cats can be really jealous at times! if i'm there as well, i would be shooting away! :)

  7. great pictures and lovely new header.

  8. the header's so dreamy! really, really nice view. ^-^
    haha,i think Emma's just k.s.p.^0^
    gorgeous view and ruins, but you did catch some people images,fantastic last foto, the couple beneath adds more depth to it.

  9. terrific set here. I love that one of the mountain in this distance, but afraid I don't know what it is. :)

  10. Wonderful landscapes, I like the marble bench and the temple as well.

  11. brilliant captures!!

    happy petting!

  12. Never mind the cat. keep blogging!

  13. I like your header photo. so Oakland is so beautiful, I was there in 1977 when you had an election for mayor I think.

    I like better the story of Oakland and Auckland, the city I now live in. I just told it to another blogger. I must see if I can copy it.

    There is another fact, I live in Auckland. Often confused with Oakland California.

    This is true, some young American man ended up in Auckland, without the tickets and passport. He said, he was flying to Oakland from some American town, heard passengers to Auckland board at gate _____.

    He duly fell asleep in the plane and arrived in Auckland. Mysterious as it was, he received a lot of Auckland hospitality. This happened in the 1980s, before your friend Nik came to New Zealand.

    Nutty but true.

    Now, I am going to do my own post.

  14. It's been a while since I visited you blog. First, thanks for visiting mine every now and then.
    That new header photo has a soothing mood about it and very eye-cathing. ANd in this post, that last photo is my fave.

    By the way, Emma sounds like Uwee, my cat. He would do the same if he wants attention while I'm blogging or working with my computer. ;P Cats are like that, I suppose.

  15. I'm speechless! What beauty. Can I say how envious I am of you? Well, I am.

    I'm trying to catch up on my wonderful visitors from Wednesday. I thank you for dropping by and leaving such a kind comment. It's always so much appreciated.

    Thanks, and do come again sometime soon.

    Hope your day has been treating you well so far!!

  16. jaw dropping shot of the mountain and the castle or whatever is that structure! a really amazing country.

  17. beautiful shot. ingit ako. athens is a beautiful place to visit.

  18. some great views from the Acropolis !


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