Citadel of Qaitbay 2

Our taxi drivers were amenable to our wishes, we pushed our luck and asked them to show us the Citadel. They both agreed. However, we knew that we didn't have time to explore the interiors because that was not part of the initial agreement.

We found a makeshift bazaar outside of the Citadel plying all kinds of stuff that I would love to take home.

Browsing at the merchandise, bartering, not getting good price, moving on to the next stall which sells the same exact selection. Eventually we found one to take home.

The bazaar was set in a picturesque setting. I would love to return to Alexandria someday.


With regards to my Flickr problem, you would notice here that it is solved. I think the site was having problems that first day they launched the new page, because I read from their forum that other people were having the same problems I had - the html link to my photo were not visible, hence I wasn't able to post more than one photo in this blog - because the "blog this" function only allows for one photo per blog post. Needless to say, I am a happy camper once again.


  1. is that a castle? and the merchandise that they are selling wow i would love to buy them all :)

  2. wow! when i was looking at it i was imagining a lego castle. beautifully captured.

    a bazaar in such a place will definitely be picture perfect.

  3. Fantastic citadel! Dom's comment made me laugh, but 'tis true. ;)

    Love the figurines they sell at the bazaar too.

  4. I'm amazed at all the souvenirs one could buy!

  5. Wow, you take very good photos. Full of depth and vibrancy. What a wonderful architecture.

  6. I usually stay away from stalls selling souvenirs right outside the sights. From my experience, they tend to cost more.

    The Citadel looks like one mean fortress.

  7. i remember the bible stories i read in grade school...the buildings looked exactly this. the bazaar has interesting pieces but some are a bit bulky to take home.:p key chain na lang! LOL

  8. that is such a nice place and those are some awesome finds. i can't blame you and your company if you've hoarded tons of those wonderful pieces.

  9. the imposing citadel is certainly astounding! ooh, i just love looking at these structures, really interesting.
    and when in till you drop! ^0^
    that's where you really find those cute memorabilia.

  10. A wonderful place, but a bit too touristic though.

  11. wow.. those statues look amazing. The bazaar with the backdrop of the sea is even more amazing

  12. Now that is a citadel! I love all the blues I find in the photos.

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!


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