Auberge de Castille

Every where in Valletta we saw signs alerting people that renovations are underway.

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Auberge de Castille, since March 4, 1972, has been used as the seat of the Prime Minister. It is also where the business of government are held as well as the weekly cabinet meetings.  It used to house knights who were stationed in Malta for defense of this fortress. 

I don't know for sure if this is open for tours, but we never saw anyone touristy looking going inside so we didn't.  Can you see the two cannons infront of the main door?
Just a stone's throw away from the auberge is a church that also had a renovation sign and appeared shut, so we didn't attempt to go in. When I was researching Valletta in preparation for these posts, I found out that there are many churches inside the walled city.  If your fancy is visiting churches, this would be your heaven.  Imagine 10 or so churches within walking distance from each other, and these are just Catholic churches.  Apparently there are also other Christian churches inside.  Now I question myself whether I put too much time in St. John's Co-Cathedral.  Actually, no.  One church to see if its as grand as St. John's is enough for a day I suppose.
We spotted this spectacular view as we were leaving the area and was heading towards the main street.  I would have loved to walk that bridge/catwalk.
Since we figured that we probably have seen everything that we wanted to see, it was time to hit the stores for souvenirs.  Malta is famous for its lace.  My loot consisted of aprons, tees, lacy purse, magnets, postcards, and the Maltese cross - which is an eight-sided cross. 
And before we parted, we checked out the dining scene.  This particular establishment has a sign that says free tasting of their specialty which was a rabbit stew (the recipe of which is written on some souvenir items including but not limited to aprons - I bought 2 aprons for gifts).  Here Dave went up close to read the sign to make sure that we were not seeing things.  Nah, we weren't hungry enough. 


  1. I did not know that Malta was SO beautiful... look at that Auberge de Castille !

  2. alot of great pictures, i especially love the 4th pic. great view of the ocean. :D

  3. Once again, Maria, you have hit the jackpot. I would think too many RC churches in one day would all meld together as one, so you probably did well sticking to one with more time in it.

  4. I enjoy travelling with you in this wonderful island!

  5. I really admire countries that believe in preserving their rich heritage by renovating old buildings, churches etc.

    Nice shots, as always! =)

  6. I really enjoy these beautiful views, Maria!

  7. It seems to me that there's only one word to describe Valetta - beautiful!

    Have a great weekend!

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  8. the fifth photo captured my attention the most. great shot! it's just so good seeing structures refurbished and still retain its value.

  9. Maria, I enjoy so much your photos!
    I have been a virtual a trip with you!

    Have a happy weekend!

  10. When you don't see anyone touristy going in there, then you don't go in. Mmmmm. Go on tour with my wife, a 'No entry' in any language means 'Come make sure you don't miss anything' Sometimes it is fun.
    Malta is proving a great place to visit as seen through your camera. Lots of great pictures.

  11. Not hungry enough to try the rabbit stew? hehehe.

  12. All shots are good but the 4th view really caught my attention. Just great!


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