Lower Barrakka Gardens

We stumbled upon the Lower Barrakka Gardens after leaving the Siege Bell Monument. Along with the Upper Barrakka Gardens, it is listed as one of the must visits in Valletta. I can't remember how we got here. We weren't aiming to go there but somehow the streets we took led us at the gate. We didn't have any maps to follow but was glad that we managed to find the spots - which could only reflect how small Valletta really is, especially since it's enclosed by walls.

Am I back in Greece? Felt like it when I saw this monument to Alexander Ball, a British admiral and first British governor of Malta.
A close up of what's inside that monument. Is this Lady Justice?
Can't believe I managed to snap without people. Although when we were there, there weren't many around the garden.
Here's one of the commemorative plaque hanging at the walls of this arched structure.
Here's another one.
The Lower Barrakka Gardens has wonderful views of the Grand Harbour and the Siege Bell Monument.
These locals found the best seat to read. Imagine this - reading to soothe your soul and when your eyes tire out a bit, just look out at the Grand Harbour for a little bit of soothing to the eyes too. Life can't get any better than that.
One of the many monuments/statues around the city - this one's inside the garden and is titled Enea
And the cruises are lined up that side. The city is just 20 minutes walk from the port.


  1. Wow...what a nice place... great views !

  2. I think you have an inner GPS system, Maria, that takes you to all the right places to see! Lucky you. I'm continually amazed by what I see every time I visit your page!

  3. I agree, that one snapshot is very Greece. That's a romantic sight of the couple-book lovers. By the way, I wonder what barrakka means. In some regions in the Philippines, that means "tindahan (store)".

  4. what a wonderful find and that city is so close from the port.

  5. Beautiful photos of a beautiful location.

    Alberta, Canada

  6. That looks like a beautiful and historic area.

  7. i can walk all day if the view is like this. i like area specially the pillars in the second photo.

  8. i could have chose the 2nd or the last photos are my favorite, pero hindi. every pic is nice. god job!
    kainggit travels mo girl!

  9. That really is a great spot for reading - the eyes do need some distant view from time to time to ease the strain from reading.

  10. interesting weather...like lazy afternoon walks.
    now from this pov, the place looks quiet.

  11. great photos, looks like a beautiful, historic place. visit my photoblog if you have the time:)


  12. awesome pics!!!

    it's nice to know something about a not-so-popular place. how i'd like to go there! he he!

  13. I like how you've framed your shots. The colours are also amazing.

    Have a great weekend!

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  14. hi there,

    i'm a maltese and valletta resident. valletta is my city and i think it's one of the most beutiful cities in the world though it's little.

    you are welcome to visit us again anytime!


    ps. check my blog re. the city at http://www.beltvalletta.wordpress.com/


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