Life Is A Cabernet

The beauty of living in the Bay Area is that there is a wealth of activities for the young and the young at heart.  The SF Bay area has been called the Adult Disneyland - well because it is.  In the winter time on the same day you can enjoy the powder and the surf.  There are also plenty of outdoorsy activities available in the many regional parks.

One of the things I enjoy the most is a day trip/road trip kind of thing around this region.  On that February day, we agreed to hit the sights of Sonoma Valley - the lesser known wine producing region in the bay.

As it is with these road trips we didn't have any itinerary.  And so when we spotted this striking red hop barn with the sign Martinelli's winery, we made a U-turn to sample their apple cider.  Not the same Martinelli who makes apple cider.  This is their website.


The front facade.
From the back.
White - fruity and tangy?

Red - robust.

Wine tasting can be fun.  For a small fee you can sample a few  from their list.  While I have been doing this for a few years now,  I haven't developed a complex palate that could distinguish what flavorings are there in the wine.  So far, my little victory has come from identifying my Pinot Gris from a Chardonay without seeing the bottle.  And no I am not interested in becoming a sommelier. 


  1. I like how you describe the place as an Adult Disneyland. Yep, those are some of the things adults like to do. (Oh, and beautiful photos too.)

  2. it's just now that i learned that SF is the adult disney land.

  3. interesting,
    a pity i don't have that kind of luxury when it comes to wine tasting. but any favorites? ^0^

    ps: nice fotos of sf btw. ^0^

  4. same here, to me, all white wines taste the same and all red wines taste the which is a good thing because i can't drink anyway.

  5. hhmm not a fan, siguro in time mawiwili din ako sa wine.. Ü

  6. A wine tasting trip ! That is nice.
    I am not so knowledgeable about wine... but I like a good glass of wine !

  7. Whenever I'm served wine - rarely, but it's mostly inflight - I never really get to know the differing notes and nuances of the flavor. It's almost like the same - what a shame!

  8. I enjoy visiting vineyards Maria. Lovely pictures!

  9. I rate wine by its alcohol content....the higher, the better LOL. Just kidding.

  10. Drinking wine is an art, I like red wine and I do my best to feel the flavour and essence. I like the texture of the red walls.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  11. Hmmm, Adult Disneyland. Na curious naman ako dito!

  12. I love the external shots - blue skies and leafless trees.

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!


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