Time To Fly Home

Our flight from Madrid to Amsterdam was at 5 am and the hotel in Madrid woke us up to 3 am.  The shuttle would take us to the airport - which was 15 minute drive to the airport - at exactly 4 am, the clerk said over the receiver.  Apparently, they don't want us missing our plane.

And the very short flight to Amsterdam was not enough to get rest.  Soon we were landing in Schiphol.  Four hours of layover.  What to do, what to do?

First we took our time in going from we were supposed to go.  I stopped many times to take some photos.
And shop for souvenirs.  Was surprised to find bulbs on one of the souvenir stores inside. 
Almost took one of this wooden tulips home, but settled on wooden clogs magnet.
I spotted a noodle place.  If this were Singapore, I'd have a bowl, but no offense, I wouldn't have noodles in Amsterdam.
Instead, we decided to celebrate hubby's b/day by having some breakfast munchies that we have to wait for because they were just being baked.  How yummy.
Needless to say, we spent a lot of time in these chairs.
Finally, our plane was ready. 
When we took off, this was the sky underneath us.  Must have been a lovely day in Amsterdam.
cloud junkie 3
There it was - a lovely time in Europe - my November 10 to 28, 2009 trip.  I'm sure it's going to be back to regular programming here on this blog.

Thanks for keeping me company as I walked memory lane with these postings of last year's trip.  Now it's back to California postings.  Again, thanks.


  1. I guess it was not fun to leave Europe... but holidays can't go on for ever... :-(

  2. thank you Sidney for putting it in perspective - holidays can't go on forever :D

  3. ahhh Amsterdam! I wish i wish I can go there too on a holiday, oh wishful thinking! haha :D I love those clouds,like I wanna touch them! They look so comfy!

  4. i thought when you said go home, you meant here in the philippines. :)

  5. Beautiful photos, the tulips are gorgeous!

  6. I know Schiphol Airport by heart Maria. I spent twenty hours waiting there due to an air-traffic controllers strike!

  7. The Schiphol is huge !! I've been there and you need a map to move and don't get lost. After staying there for hours everything is simple.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  8. One of the cities I really want to visit one day is Amsterdam. Thank you for the tour, Maria. I really missed your blog.

  9. fying home and seeing those sea of clouds is like a warm welcome..

  10. that was an awesome trip. You covered a lot of bases :)

  11. Long lay-overs at airports can be tiring but I'm glad Amsterdam's Schipol has Yotel - that airport hotel charging by the hour which I tried earlier this year. You could try it next time, it really is worth investing for that much needed sleep.

    Yes, holidays and vacations can't go on forever. But then, they're always never enough for us.

  12. Another beautiful sequence of pictures of this fantastic and interesting trip :-)

  13. Nice clouds pictures! I have this fascination with clouds while on board a plane. They have such a calming effect. =)

    It is amazing what you can find at airport terminals. It beats window shopping at a mall in my opinion. hehe

  14. ang cute ng chairs!! very tempting! :)

    and the clouds, ang gandaaaa! :)

  15. it's a long yet very exciting post as we joined you through the series. a friend of mine used to work in amsterdam and he shared me a lot about schipol airport and its system.

  16. That was a trip of a lifetime! I enjoyed it thoroughly!

  17. i love, love those marshmallow clouds! ^0^
    they looks so cute!
    i think you have the most interesting trip ever!
    you shared some wonderful and cool insights in almost each nook and cranny of each city you've ever visited.

  18. I think this is the airport I used the most in my connection flights.
    The cloud shot is lovely!

  19. Well, you certainly made the most of your trip. You've got so many beautiful photos to remind you of every single moment. Thanks for sharing them all!

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!


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