Checked Off The Bucket List

September 2010
golden gate fields 085
Another item checked off the bucket list.  Although I haven't sat down and jotted a real list, I do have some idea what would be in the list.  As a matter of fact I have a list in the back of my mind/head.  That's probably why I get headaches - too many things cluttering the back of my head (kidding!)

golden gate fields 036
Years ago I asked about the Golden Gate Fields from my brother who used to go to the tracks.  He said he'd take me one day - just to experience it.  Never happened.

Golden Gate Fields is located off the busy Interstate 80 in Berkeley/Albany - part of my daily commute.  So I get to sneak a peek at the place 2x a day, and it's also where most of the bottlenecking occurs.

And so one day few months ago, I broached up the topic of going to the races with the husband.  He was agreeable.  He too was itching to see what's inside the compound :)

Luckily they have Dollar Sundays program where everything can be had for a dollar - entrance, program, beer, dogs, and sodas.  Just right up our pennypinching alley.  So off we went.

golden gate fields 023
Tokens are purchased separately.  This would be your means of purchasing food and beverage.  The tokens remind me of the time I was in charge of the tokens at the College Day celebration at the school where I worked.

Lining up for the tokens.  It's inevitable, I am always the shortest gal anywhere :)

But hey, I got my bracelet that said I can drink beer!  Yay!
On Sundays, they have live entertainment for those who'd rather enjoy a fun day in the sun with music and beer rather than watch and bet on the horses.

golden gate fields 081
They race on the grass.
And on the tracks - don't know what this is called.
I was shocked to find a lot of 20 something inside enjoying the day.  I was expecting to be spending the day with tobacco smelling retirees grumbling about their horseys, but nope. It was like a street fair crowd to me.
golden gate fields 061
Sundays were also advertised as family days.  There were plenty of families that I have seen. Here a mother and son review the odds on the next race.
These kids, who to my estimation are under 7 years old, seem to know the game better than I did. 
golden gate fields 082
The ambulance runs alongside the horses during the race in case of accidents.


golden gate fields 033

There another item crossed out of my bucket list.  What did you check off your bucket list lately?


  1. whoa! havent checked anything yet in my bucket list. most are still unattainable this year. maybe next year. but in terms of spots that ive been wanting to visit and was able to visit it this year, there's a lot. but not necessarily in the bucket list.

  2. I think we all have bucket lists, never heard of the expression though ;), figured it out during the story....
    I think it is being rich to have such a list, what is life without a goal.
    Wonderful pictures and thanks for the story with it, it must have been a wonderful experience.

  3. hayyyy good thing i did not made any list this year as i will surely not accomplish it :)

    havent watched horse race though meron pa din ata dito. but i guess that one is much cleaner that the ones here :p

  4. Kudos for ticking off an item off your bucket list! What a fabulous way to end the year!!

    What did I tick off my list recently? I learnt to cook. I can now cook a decent meal! Massive achievement for someone like me who till not so long ago, didnt even know how to boil an egg :-)

  5. i thought it's hte golden gate, iba pala yun. hehe im so naive.
    $1 day for your item in the bucket list. congrats! =)

  6. I've never been to race tracks either...good for you...I love the story and I was giggling about that bracelet. It must have been fun eh?

  7. I've been to the races once, at Belmont (I used to live on Long Island). I don't remember all the other activities, this was a couple of decades ago and I doubt they had all the other stuff. That looks like a fun day out.

    I don't have a bucket list, mine would be too depressing because I'd never have the money to do it. Things like a safari in Africa, visiting various places in South America, Japan, India, etc. With kids in college that's just not happening.

  8. A lovely photo story, thanks for sharing.

  9. kaya pla sumasakit ulo mo, kakaisip haha! :D Oo nga isulat mo nalang pra less headaches ahihihi :D

  10. I see I'm gonna have to show Astrid that movie! HA! :) My closest thing to this was the NASCAR race I attended with a friend a year ago before moving to The Netherlands. It was never on my Bucket List but when I had the opportunity to go, for free, I grabbed the opportunity. Anthing that's for $1 these days is almost like for free. I'd like that!

  11. Some years ago a friend of mine and I had a 9 week roundtrip in the US - we had Golden Gate on our list, but didn't manage to squeeze it in on a very busy program....still on my list ;)

    Thanks for sharing what looks like a fine day in the sun.

    I have started to do one think on my list - playing (if you can call it that - beeing an amateur) through Rapsodie in Blue by Gerswhin, on my piano :)

  12. What a burrito! I can feed my whole extended family and by the looks it would be nice as well.

    Beautiful day at the horses. We have a place close by where the horses are trained for racing. The place include a track and a restaurant. We sometimes go at 7:00 in the morning for a breakfast. Quite an atmosphere with all the horses in the background. The facility holds a thousand horses.

  13. hmm... lucky i don't have any bucket list, or else the list goes on and on. ^0^
    for now, i try to enjoy life one at a time.
    i haven't been to any otb yet, i'm curious to see what's inside though, but think the place ought to be a bit dingy and smelly. ^-^
    this post looks interesting though, esp.those kids who seem to be curious about the game. ^0^

  14. Wow, that's nice to have everything just for a dollar! Hotdogs and sodas for 1 dollar each!

    The races is something I want to see too, but haven't yet. Those are perfect pictures you got!

    I, too, have some lists at the back of my head and it gives me some headaches, too ;).

    I'm fine Marie, thanks for asking.

  15. That was a worthwhile experience for a dollar! Never been to a horse race track. They have something here for the camels. :)

  16. Un reportaje muy completo de un día en las carreras....

  17. That would be an interesting Sunday indeed! The nearest race track to where I live is a dog race track - which I will NEVER in a million years visit. Horses are fine - because they do love to race. But dogs...

    And everything for a dollar! How fab!

    Not so much as a bucket list, but I have a goal of visiting 40 countries by the time I turn 40 - which is quite soon. So far I have visited 36 and I am very pleased with that!

    Have a great start to your week!

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  18. I would also go. With 10 dollars I will stay there and have a great afternoon!!



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  19. I've never been to any race track so this was fascinating for me. I was surprised by the young ones and families too. I wonder if it's the same here. Somehow, I doubt it very much!

    Did you keep a wooden dollar token as a souvenir? I would have – it's cute!

  20. $1-deals are so rare these days! Lucky you. I don't think the horse race track in NY does that here.

  21. I love horse races... what a great place to unwind, bet a few bucks here and there..


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