I Went Looking For The Sunset

May 2010

I went looking for the perfect sunset.  This beachside hotel advertised a gorgeous sunset on its website.  I booked for a quick get-away.
But it was May, a rainy May, was raining all day so this was all that I found in Monterey, along with some surfers.
So I thought I'd just shoot at the surfers.
They are a fascinating group of people.  Not that I know any who surf. 
But I find that I am drawn to photographing them every time I see them.
oakland museum 005
And so I returned from that trip without my sunset.

Five months later, as I stepped out of work towards the car, this gorgeous sunset greeted me, unexpectedly stunning.

Is there any lesson here? 

How about Love (or sunset) comes from the most unexpected places :).


  1. tamaaaa love comes in an unexpected time at an unexpected place. :)

    that surfer guy looks really hot! :P

  2. I went to Monterey once, or a place near it where there's a light house. The beach was beautiful, but did not get the perfect sunset either.

    Your top-angle picture of the surfer looks nice.

  3. it's a lovely stretch of beach, and not crowded. i heard Monterey is a beautiful place.

    lesson is--don't chase a sunset...it will come to you. (hehehe)

  4. no close up picture of the surfers? :P

  5. It only proves that we can't orchestrate nature's show, no matter what hotel advertisements will say. But you didn't come empty-handed anyway - I'd be down there in the beach myself shooting the dudes instead haha!

  6. The cloudy sunset makes for a very peaceful image, though the fiery sunset is fabulous. I share your fascination with surfers, though there's no way I'll try it myself.

  7. Lovely photo and the beach looked very inviting. Have a nice weekend.

  8. And some of those places don't cost a red cent, Maria! I'm like you with the surfers...loving to photograph them, especially from above, from a hotel balcony in Waikiki. :)

  9. Hotel right by the beach!
    The colors in the sky in the first two photographs are also good, but you are right, the colors are stunning in the last.

  10. A beautiful place to take a vacation!

  11. That you don't go looking for your sunset, it will come to you the moment you have given up your search! hehe

  12. Having the hotel on the beach must be quite great.
    Fine capture Maria!

  13. It tends to be a hit or miss, but hey, those photos of Monterey were still gorgeous, if you ask me.

    Enjoy the weekend - whatever the weather!

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  14. Even without a sunset the photos are great! Beautiful light blue water.

  15. Watch that lesson. Just now, love can come from a surfer interested in why you are taking pictures of him. That can cause an uproar in the household.

    Nice seaside pictures all the same.

  16. I think a lot of us can learn from that experience, including my self ;)

  17. i love that beach. I'm sure the sunset there would just be beautiful.

  18. Gorgeous photos of the beach! Glorious sky too!

  19. It's nice to see the surfers, and the sunset picture is beautiful!


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