Life Is A Cabernet 4

You probably think I go wine tasting a lot, eh? Not really. This was a particularly productive year for wine tasting, and this is definitely not the norm. Must be because we stayed closer to home this year. I did two trips this year, one in the winter (part 1 & 2) and one in the summer (part 3 & 4), but visited four wineries.  This would be the last installment.

A common label in the store is Blackstone.  So why not go in and try.
The gardens were filled with blooms that mid August day.
Charge it, she says.  And we let her. Ssshhh.  We're paying her later.  Her credit card has this promotion of buy one get one wine tasting.
In between sips, I went looking about the small room and photographed everything. 
And went outside to photograph the grapes, which were not ready yet.  I saw no sign of no entry or something so I trod along the field next to the tasting room.
Another shot - I love shooting grapes.

Too much wine tasting
I knew when to call it quits - when my pics turn out like this, I have had enough fruit of the vine.


  1. mmm, yum! i've just learnt how to appreciate wine, and i must say if it's good, it's really good! :) the grapes look yummy too! and lol with the last photo, that's how i see things too after finishing a bottle :D

  2. heehee, fun sequence of photos. I've only been up to Napa/Sonoma 2 or 3 times but fall is the most beautiful!

  3. Looks like fun. I've always wanted to do a wine tasting. One of these days.... :-)

  4. Looks like great fun... had to laugh at that last shot!

  5. Hysterical, Maria, by the end. I love it. Years ago I did a wine-tasting jaunt in Napa Valley and couldn't believe how close all the wineries were to each other. They all kinda merged together in my mind after awhile. Or did I already tell you that? :)

  6. What a nice place to visit ... you can´t find wine tasting along the streets here..."smile".

  7. the grapes looks so good and grape based wines are my favorite.

  8. fotógrafo y etnólogo a lamisma vez, todo un placer¡¡¡

  9. I did some wine tasting in Napa Valley. The grapes shots are great!

  10. haha, that's a blurry shot nga, but beautiful ah. ^0^
    oh, i'm enjoying your wine tasting galore and the grapes just looked so fresh, weren't you just tempted to pluck one or two?!
    tnx for sharing them.

  11. The last photo is actually my favorite from this set. ;)

  12. what a gorgeous place. nice shots and the grapes look yummy.

    to answer your question, i did take a cruise on the Bosphorus straits while in Istanbul.

  13. So these wine tasting sorties are not free? I always thought that they were a marketing scheme for wineries to draw in more customers.

    By the way that last shot is that a statue or a real person? lol

  14. We enjoy winetasting up here in Oregon too! There are some really good wines. Often tastes are still free! (As they used to be in the Napa Valley years ago.)

  15. Hahaha. I'm sure you weren't drunk at all. But grapes are so lovely to photograph. And all that light. Love it!

    Enjoy the weekend - whatever the weather!

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!


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