Beaching in Cancun

First time in Cancun. A vacation that I hoped would be filled with lazing around, sipping fruity drinks with umbrellas, and shopping. And of course walking up and down the beach. All those were checked off my list.

I had no clue that the hurricane season starts in June so I was completely surprised to learn that a hurricane just missed Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula. Instead we were greeted with furious winds and a downpour that I have never seen in ages.

The rest of our stay (6 days 5 nights) was marked with cloudy days and sudden downpours. The cloud cover had given us relief from scorching sun rays that I hear are the specialty of Cancun, aside from its gorgeous beaches. However, the high humidity and heat still persisted. So where to go when in Cancun? The beach.

I was mesmerized by the color of the water.
Plenty to see.
Blocks of cement as breakwater, pretty clever.
The rain just stopped when we hit the beach.
Our hotel was strategically located in Punta Cancun, towards the tip so we had the beach almost to ourselves. 
I was the only one beachcombing.  But after a few shrieks of glee from me, louder than I thought, I found others following suit.  The shells to be found are aplenty and are the kinds you buy in a gift shop.  I was told that locals come here as early as 4:30 am to wait for the big shells to wash up ashore and pick it up to sell in the markets. 

June-July 2010.


  1. Lucky, lucky you, Maria. My daughter and ex went to Cancun on their honeymoon many years ago and loved it. The beach scene reminds me of similar scenes all over the world...great tourist attractions. I for one would have loved the rain and moody skies...and especially the shells. Good for you!

  2. althought the weather doesn't look so good, the beach still looked awesome.

  3. I figure that is how the beach looks like after a storm. I can just imagine those cement blocks breakwater being drowned by the huge waves during a hurricane! Yikes.

  4. the cement blocks look like giant bits of sugar cubes!

  5. She sells sea shells from the sea shore. Say that as fast as you can :-)
    I know people who rate walking in a very strong wind on the beach as a top experiencing. Personally? I don't like being sandblasted :p

  6. Yes, the colour of water is a dream. Nice autumn shots in that unforgettable beach.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  7. I avoid Cancun and spent some great time at Tulum. The sea is wonderful along that coast.

  8. Very beautiful sceneries. I like so much those stormy skies and the colors of the water.

  9. those waves are scary for swimming...even for an islander like me.:p but yes, the water is mesmerizing. the shoreline seems too near to the buildings. reminds me of the roads of my childhood that were "eaten" by the sea.

  10. Bonito color, bonita luz, a pesar de estar nublado¡¡

  11. oh i love the beach and the sea. i can't wait to go home.

  12. Lovely shots of the beach. Love the green water colour"!!!

  13. Like you, I also made it to Cancun during the hurricane season but luckily, the weather was just fine.

    At least, you still had time to enjoy the beach and not completely holed up in your hotel room. It could have been worse, you know.

  14. Ang ganda nga nung color ng water. Kaso pansin ko lang, talagang malakas ang waves?

  15. Nice... how I wish I am there, not here in the freezer hehe :)

  16. So did you do much lazing around? It must have been disappointing that the sky wasn't as bright as it could have been. Nonetheless, the weather gave Cancun a different feel. The waves seemed ferocious.

    On another note, I am saddened that the locals collect the shells to sell. That's depleting the natural resources of the place. I love shells, too, but I only admire them when on the beach and place them back where I find them.

    A couple of days left before the New Year. Are you ready?

    Many thanks for your patience, and for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!


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