Cancun: Blue Ray Jungle Tour

Lazing about in the beach and the pool can get tiring and boring too, at least to us. Luckily, we researched about other things to do in Cancun before we left and we picked 2 of the many possible activities that can be enjoyed here. The first one is the mangroves visit.

Now why it's called Jungle Tour beats me, but it was one adrenalin rush to me. I'm not an adventure junkie, so this tour is like an "extreme" activity for me, so don't laugh okay!

WE took the bus from our hotel to about 2-3 blocks from here. We wanted to walk - until a downpour had us scurrying for cover under the trees and was delighted to find lizards everywhere.

Blue Ray Jungle Tour consists of driving your own speedboat through the mangroves of Nichupte Lagoon and weather permitting a half hour of snorkeling at the national park. Unfortunately when we went to buy our tickets, we were told that the winds were very strong and that they do not allow any snorkeling that day. We still wanted to take the tour and so did four other couples.

After getting our instructions, off we go. There were four speedboats in that part of the tour. Part of the rule is to allow a safe distance between boats and learning hand signals :)


We passed by private residences.

The tour lasted about 2 hours including a 30-minute stop at a beach area where one can swin if you choose to, or explore the little beach area. When we got there there were people already there, so my husband and I just collected some shells at the edge of the beach.



And we passed by some of the hotels/resorts by the lagoon.






I believe these boats offer dinner and show.


Heart pounding excitement. I loved it. Will do it again if I find myself back in Cancun.

This is where I give props to my old reliable CANON point and shoot, all 4 years old of her. It was a bumpy ride, very bumpy at some points, and yet these are all drive by shooting, not enough time to focus and compose. Split second decisions have to be made, shutters have to be clicked instantaneously. She takes very good shots for a drive by and point and shoot, don't you think? I love my old Canon, but she's showing her age.


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  2. Wow, you are such a traveller, I love your journies! That little camera takes super photos, I have had my little Olympus point & shoot for a few years now and it still takes fantastic photos, got a new camera for Xmas tho, a Nikon D3000 & I love it! Great photos Maria.... I enjoyed!:)

  3. Are those mangrove forests?
    Terrific captures.

  4. This is so enjoyable! Looking at these nice series of pictures, I seem to be in the funny tour! Beautiful the views of the hotels/resorts too.

  5. The speedboat self-drive part sounds adventurous! Would love to try it.

  6. Una gran visita por los alrededores¡¡¡

  7. pirate ships! from the nearby caribbean no doubt. :P

  8. Although I don't know how to swim, I love water activities!

  9. While kayaking is my thing, I wouldn't mind riding in one of these speedboats for some change of pace haha!

  10. wonderful way to spend a day!!
    great captures!!

  11. My old point-n-shoot Canon was wonderful in this way, Maria, because it also had an image stabilizer. It sold me and was very faithful in my first years of shooting before I graduated to my DSLR. I will always keep the point-n-shoot in case I need her in an emergency. I love what she did for you on this rambunctious excursion. :)

  12. seems like you really had fun! i always believe that it's always about the indian not the pana when it comes to shooting! :)

  13. Ih my God, that place is a paradise, and the boats are really amazing, I could feel the sound of the engine.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  14. that's the difference bet. a p*s camera.
    they're neat shots btw. ^0^
    ah, this place is nothing but paradise.
    gosh, i miss the beach suddenly...


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