Day Trip To Yucatan Peninsula Part 2: Cenote Suytun Cave Visit

I had a vague knowledge that the ticket I bought for this trip included a stop at a cave. Apparently I did not research enough about this trip, nor did I read the brochure that was handed out with our ticket.

Cenotes are natural features which exist in the limestone of the Yucatan Peninsula. Water dissolves away the limestone from underneath, causing a sinkhole. Eventually the ground over the sinkhole breaks, usually with a small opening revealing a large cavern underneath. The older the cenote is, the larger the hole becomes. Many cenotes have had their roofs completely collapse and now look more like an abandoned quarry than a cave.

We were welcomed at "the center stone and natural wonders".

finepix 412
Above ground this is the well. It didn't look like it amounted to anything, but wait until you see what's under this well.

finepix 081
Going down to the cave. The steps are a bit tricky and slippery.

finepix 091
You enter and you see stalactites and the pool below.

Up close.

finepix 085

finepix 103
The well above casts this beautifully magical ray down below.

You can walk around the pool to the other side.

Swimming is allowed provided you wear the appropriate swimming gear.

Sign says: Strictly prohibited scratching or damaging walls or climb stairs as well as on rocks or cave. Thanks for your understanding.


Since I did not bring a suit, I just did what she is doing. I went in and dipped my toes. The cool water was a refreshing relief from the oppressive heat outside.

And if you're still hot after the dip, you can quench your thirst with jugo de naranja or OJ. Was looking for coconut juice though.

It was an experience of a lifetime. A really neat bonus to this trip.


  1. What a wonderful place.
    Your caves pictures are superb!

  2. what maginificent caves!

    trully breathtaking!

    thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, you're so lucky to be there...i'm jealous, hahahah! you did great photos here.

  4. oh wow! i like that circular platform in the middle. sad though that the cave has already been damaged but at least one open cave in each country will at least help people to be aware of its splendor.

    id love to take a dip there.

  5. I have never been inside such a cave, Maria, and can just imagine what it would feel like. Good for you to find it out and not miss it!

  6. There's plenty of cenotes in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. This one's massive and I'm impressed you were able to capture that ray of light!

  7. Aren't cenotes amazing?! Fantastic shots of the interior.

  8. am jealous!!!! love the photos!

  9. wow! that's the cave you featured in your year end post I think. ang ganda! :) The water is really inviting, would love to take a dip!

  10. WOOOW...amazing ! I even didn't know something like this existed ! Those stalactites are fantastic !

  11. whoa. i am envious here. the place looks so great.

  12. omg, wow!
    among your posts, dito ko bonggang nainggit! super magical. i love to experience that too!

  13. Now that is impressive, for sure.... it is something I would definitely like to see if I were to visit. Great shots Maria, I enjoyed!!

  14. Wow¡¡¡. La cueva es impresionante, un para√≠so fotogr√°fico. Bravo

  15. Very interesting and so attractive! Beautiful series of pictures!

  16. The photo of the ray deserve to be in a exposition. You were in the best position of that place. The Yucatan Peninsula hides too much natural secrets.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  17. oh my. that's so beautiful. glad you saw this, and took home beautiful pictures.

  18. you can really take a dip?! ^0^
    i would love to try that.
    the cave looks interesting and inviting, that is unlike others which can be dark or murky.

  19. OMG!! what a beautiful place in this world. I wish I was there lol.


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