Free Day At The Oakland Museum

Sunday, November 7, 2010, rainy and chilly - a perfect day to spend in the warmth of a museum.

Thankfully, it was a free day - sponsored by one of the major credit cards, I cannot remember which one, but I salute them for sponsoring free days to museums.

And because it was a free day, it was crowded. Many kids were there and adults without kids were there too. Also at the same time there was a PIXAR exhibit going on - which was also free, except that they have limited tickets to give away per day. The tickets ran out by the time we got there. Still the museum had too much to offer the visitor, either a first-timer or a return visitor.

According to the website: Museum specializes in the natural science, history and art of the Golden State. Contains current exhibitions, permanent galleries and projects.

All about the Golden State. I have a few sampling of the pieces of art we enjoyed.

oakland museum 077
oakland museum 078

Oakland Museum
Hard to choose faves in a museum full of wonderful art, but these two are mine.

oakland museum 057
I didn't get the name of the artist but this landscape of what the bay area used to look like captured my lens.

oakland museum 053

What I found really interesting was the room for Day of Dead exhibit. I don't know if this is a permanent exhibit or just for the month. But I enjoyed this part of the museum a lot.

oakland museum 092
oakland museum 096
oakland museum 097
oakland museum 098

I may have a part 2 for this post as I took a lot of photos.


  1. death.. reminds of the the Last Meal project.. creepy but brilliant!

    Pink Lady Circa is a work of art, kaso creepy kung makikita ko yan sabahay namin tapos ako lang mag-isa.. haha

  2. now that is one cool bike!
    the dolls are cute and creepy, and if i'm a collector, i'd collect these.:p the last photo reminds me of Chucky.:D

  3. what a museum! ^0^
    love the 2nd to the last foto.
    can't wait for more of this series.

  4. If you want to find unique artifacts museums are the best place to visit. Ang daming madidiscover.

  5. oh voodoo dolls! i find them creepy. hahaha...

    and that bike on the first photo is something that i want to try driving. im such a fan of classic bikes.

  6. Una buena muestra de arte alternativo. Me gusta la idea de que las tarjetas de crédito patrocinen museos.

  7. kawaii naman yung days of the dead. i would have had an enjoyable day there. good thing you were able to capture this! :)

  8. Looks like a great place - I would have enjoyed walking around this place - really like the third from bottom picture :)

  9. ooh, the days of the dead dolls are both cute and creepy - the last photo especially.

  10. So many cool subjects! I like that car!

  11. A fine museum experience. I'm impressed with the variety of art objects and things to see in this exhibit. Nice series.

  12. Very nice! I like the landscape and the car!

  13. .. those are a nice collection of dolls!

  14. I wouldn't want to miss the Day of the Dead exhibit!

  15. A client suggested that I place a "nice painting" rather higher up on the wall of my dental surgery, so that she could see while dental work was being done for her. A good idea, I thought, to distract clients.
    My nurse found and ordered this canvas print,, by Gustav Klimt, by browsing to who made our excellent print from their database of images from western art.


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