Santa Barbara (California Missions Series)

The 10th mission to be founded, Santa Barbara also called the Queen of the missions for its beauty is second only to Carmel in popularity.

Located at the end of Laguna Street in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara.


1786: December 4 - Founded by Father Lasuen; tenth mission, named for Sta. Barbara.

1794: Third church built.

1812: Destroyed by earthquake.

1815: Present church begun.

1820: Completed with one tower.

1831: Second tower added.

1832: Collapsed.

1833: Rebuilt.

1834: Secularized.

1846: Sold.

1865: Returned to church.

The Greco-Roman facade.
"Majestic and serene, the Queen of the Missions stands in a natural ampitheater formed by the ooastline and the Santa Inez mountains."
The only mission never abandoned and in continued use.
The corridor.
Fray Serra's statue.
Haven't been to all 21, but I'm guessing it's hard to beat this view of the coast from the church.

You may notice I did not show the altar or the gardens. It was because we didn't have time to linger and fully explore. On hindsight, I know that was a bad decision not to go inside and take the tour. I shall be back I hope.


  1. beautiful captures as always esp the doors! I love taking photos of doors of churches too.

  2. I was tryintg to remember if we ever saw this one, Maria. I think not. Maybe in Sacramento, if there's one there? Anyway, it makes me wonder if you ever saw one of my favorite movies of all time, "The Mission." It starred Robert deNiro and Jeremy Irons. I've seen it at least 4 or 5 times by I own.

  3. oohh, a pink church!
    ilike the way you captures the 3rd photo. pang wedding effect!

    will be waiting for the altar shots next time =)

  4. Ang ganda ng mga photos and I really like the contrast against the clear blue sky. Sa lahat, like ko yung #4,5,6.

  5. A fine series of pictures of this marvelous looking place. I like how pristine the buildings look and the fine detail of the workmanship. Nice images of the arches and their hallway. Fine post.

  6. I love visiting missions; they're is so much to explore and photograph at them. Nice series of shots!

  7. Great story under those walls. Love the porch/balcony(?) perspective. Very nice shots.

  8. Great photos!
    Very interesting reportage!

  9. Fine sequence of images, I've enjoyed them very much! The Mission is fabulous!

  10. pink and white church - that's very pretty


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