Walking With The Giants

12 miles north of San Francisco lies Muir Woods, 559 acres of protected land of which 240 acres are Coast Redwoods (Sequoia Sempervirens). It is close enough to be visited regularly, but for some reason I haven't. So one rainy day in January - MLK day to be exact, we thought we'd pay the giant trees a visit.

And so with a drop of the hat, we got into the car and crossed the bridge to get to Muir Woods. It was rainy but the parking lot was full. We had to park away from the park and walk a few yards to the entrance.
And when I saw this sign, I knew why the park was full. I appreciate businesses who sponsor free days at the museums and parks. I don't actually know which corporation shouldered this day's fees, but in behalf of everyone who got in free, I thank thee.
Come with me as I take a walk with the Giants. I hope you all can experience walking under these gems.
01-17-11 069
01-17-11 076
01-17-11 083
01-17-11 091
01-17-11 086
01-17-11 097
01-17-11 113
01-17-11 133
And because of the storms and all the rains, some of the paths, especially the one where it loops back to the entrance was closed and I found myself entering a new territory. I went in for a few yards, but the road was too muddy and the rain was coming down so I turned around and finished my communing with nature.
01-17-11 115

This is my entry for this week's MY WORLD #121.


  1. It's definitely a place to experience, Maria. It's hard to believe trees can be so...MAMMOUTH! Even on a rainy day you got fabulous images.

  2. You captured those trees beautifully! I never could figure out how to get a picture that would show their grandeur!

  3. What a fantastic walk, and amazing place. It looks like a photographers paradise, so many photo-ops to choose from! And those trees? WOW!

  4. Wonderful shots from Muir Woods. I've enjoyed visiting there with my brother and his family who live in Mill Valley. I wasn't into photography as much when I was there so I mostly got family shots against the magnificent trees. Your photographs are great.

  5. Thanks for taking us along with you to Muir Woods. Although your pictures are wonderful. I would dearly love to see these giants in person.

  6. Wonderful shots of the majestic redwoods! We drove to Muir when leaving Sausalito a couple weeks ago, but it was a weekend and so full, we couldn't park. We ended up going to Redwood Nat'l Forest instead.

  7. Great shots of majestic trees!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. That place is a treasure. Take care of it always. You will need it to live.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  9. It must have been wonderful to walk there. So big trees, beautiful.

  10. Beautiful. I'll have to visit some day.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  11. these trees are beautiful and they are indeed giants.

  12. The first time I visited this park was on my honeymoon, January 1966. It was wet and muddy then too and since we were staying in San Francisco all I had with me were dress shoes. I'm older and wiser now, now I rarely travel with dress shoes, it's walking shoes and boots for me.

  13. Thanks for dropping by. Love your pics! The drive by blog comment form didn't work :-(

  14. Lovely to have a shady path to walk on during a hot day! Your photos share the cool green and awesome height of the trees for a refreshing break.

  15. I love seeing these mighty trees!

  16. What a great place, I would love to walk there. The trees on top have such amazing shapes and the funghi shots are fantastic.

  17. A fine series of this marvelous looking place. I like how the overcast weather helped with the look of the beautiful green growth and with showing us these huge trees. Fine post.

  18. hi p.c,
    love your mushroomy/fungi shots and the trees....heavenly! ^0^

    i wish i could experience that kind of trailing while enjoying the nature. ^-^

  19. Oh my, those trees! 200 years! My my, the stories they could tell.

  20. Magnificent wood, amazing trees! Beautiful sequence of pictures.


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