Filipino Heritage Night

If you don't know yet, my favorite sport is baseball. And my favorite team is the SF Giants, who by the way has finally won the championship after a drought of 54 years. The crown that they won in November of last year also happened to be the very first championship that the Giants franchise won after moving to San Francisco.

While I am a die-hard fan - since 1993 - I hardly go to the games. Reason? Ticket prices are too high and that going to the ballpark can make a hole in your pocket.

I try to go once a year at least. I was kicking myself for not going to any game last year - their championship season. So this year, I was hellbent on going to at least one. But with the team coming from a very successful season, the popularity of tickets had soared.

Thankfully, the Giants have special events like the Filipino Heritage Night, where Filipinos can come and enjoy the ballgame. If my memory serves me right, the Giants started with an Irish Heritage night followed by Italian and then there were Japanese and Chinese.

A few years ago, Manny Pacquiao flew in from LA to throw the ceremonial first pitch for the heritage night.

So when my husband told me that a group of Filipinos from his work are making a group to go to the game, I told him to sign us both up, even though the game was a Wednesday night at 7:15. I leave work at 6 pm.

We got signed up and went to the ballgame. Tickets and free t-shirt cost us 56 big ones for both of us. I brought a teeny tiny point and shoot, since I was coming straight from work.

05-11-11 007
We took public transportation. This new (since 2000) ballpark is centrally located and is serviced by public transportation. We used BART (subway) and stopped at Embarcadero Station.

From here, the park is a 20-minute walk along scenic bay views and shopping and dining options.

05-11-11 008
Finally got to photograph this gigantic art installation, the bow and arrow in Embarcadero.

Been wanting to get up close to this art installation near the ballpark, finally did.

BTW, on weekday games, there are free rides from pedicabs with COMCAST signs on them. They sponsor the free rides, we availed of one just so I know that what they advertise is really true :)
05-11-11 013
There is that beautiful AT&T ball park.
05-11-11 016
We came in early enough and was able to wait in a very looooong line to get our free t-shirt. Because we were standing in line we missed all the pre-game festivities on the field, we saw on tv monitors of folk dances happening on the field.
Then it was game time. It was a sell out crowd. Lots and lots of Filipinos.
Buster and Emma may 21 072Buster and Emma may 21 071
The free t-shirt features the Giants log on the front with the Philippine flag colors and the back features LINCECUM #55, who is the face of the franchise as well as a Fil-American athlete. I heard and read people saying they heard and read that Lincecum is born of a Filipino mother but I cannot find an accurate link for that.
05-11-11 047
Two of the attractions in the park are the gigantic coke bottle, which is also a slide for kids, and the humongous glove. The lights in the background are from the East Bay cities of Emeryville and Oakland, perhaps even Berkeley.
05-11-11 081
We exited at the back gate so I can photograph this pretty little sailboat.
05-11-11 088
The main gate waiting for a barrage of people leaving the facility.
05-11-11 084
Always holiday atmosphere in the park.

The Filipino Heritage Night this year was May 11, 2011.

BTW, the Giants won that game!


  1. oh my. great shots. and with a point and shoot? whoa!

  2. I had such a fun time reading this, even though I'm not a baseball fan. Your night shots are fantastic! Love the gigantic bow and arrow, and Coke slide — fun! The taaall palm trees with lights are wonderful too!

  3. Fabulous images, Maria, reminding me of all the games we attended at Turner Field in Atlanta to see the Braves. I know what you mean: I always wanted to go only once a year because I saw more of the actual game on TV...but I wanted the ethos of the staudium. Nothing like it!

  4. You got a fine series with your tiny camera and the description was enjoyable. I'd like to get to that area sometime. Nice post!

  5. and although I don't have an inkling when it comes to baseball.
    you make the game interesting by showing us these remarkable fotos.
    but the one i like most is the gigantic coke display. ^0^

  6. i love the art installations and your night shots are amazing! ang galing kahit P & S lang.:p i enjoy baseball (mostly in the movies e.g. Field of Dreams :p) but not really a follower...i'm more of a soccer fan.:p

  7. Wonderful shots! Those bow and arrow really caught my attention.

  8. Amazing photos even from a small point and shoot. Yes it really is not in the camera, but at the eyes of who holds it!

  9. baseball, really? cool!
    di kasi uso yan dito, kaya i have no idea how that game is played.
    sa azkals naman, wala din ako interest sa game. sa mga players lang. haha joke!

  10. Cool!!! A friend went to Filipino Nite last year, but didn't even think about it this year. And didn't know that little tidbit about Lincecum, good 411 to know. Those t-shirts are awesome.

    I went to my 1st Giants game ever on Friday. So much fun + amazing fireworks show afterwards.

  11. Wow, that looked like fun, and a bit more glitzy than our baseball games here, we get a few fireworks on a Saturday game at home. LOL!

  12. Very enjoyable sequence! So beautiful the last picture, with the decorated palm trees!

  13. You can feel the spirit of baseball around the stadium. I have seen baseball on TV but I don't understand some details.



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  14. wonderful shots. haven't been into any games and it's surely fun to watch and take photos of the live actions. The last pic reminds me of Greenbelt here :)

  15. Never been to any of the ball games in NYC - despite having two baseball teams at that - but if there's one similar event for Pinoys like that, I'd be signing up for my group as well!

  16. I had fun reading this post and while looking at your photos. Great photos....great capture even with point and shoot camera. Sometimes I feel that P& S is better than the DSLR.

    Before coming to the UAE, I never had an idea about baseball until I get to see and watch my son Joel playing the sport.

    Re: how far is Abu Dhabi from Al Ain. Approximately 130kms,an hour and half to two hours drive.


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