Mazatlan: Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

It's two bellfry tower over the structures and easily spotted from the deck of the ship. The minute I saw it I knew I wanted to see the church. The time had come to stop at the church. While our group mates opted to shop at the department store across from the church, we were drawn to the beauty of its combination Moorish and Gothic architecture. The facade somewhat reminded me of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.
The church stands in the center of the city across from a little plaza. It began construction in 1856 and was completed in 1899.

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There was a service going on when we arrived that limited our shooting range :)

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There were 3 naves with 3 altars, all were decorated in true Baroque fashion - opulent.
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It is also the world's only Roman Catholic church to have the Star of David displayed in all of its 28 stained glass window. It was said that during the construction of the church a Jewish family in Mazatlan donated a huge sum for the construction and the grateful people put the Star of David to show their gratitude.
Entry on four corners of the church.
The church is across from Plazuela Republica
The church begs for a return, more thorough visit. I hope I get the chance.


  1. What a beautiful basilique. Whereever I am and I see a church I want to see the inside. I love churches and the most beautiful thing is when the organ is playing. Sometimes you are lucky.

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  3. Wonderful basilica, splendid architecture and decorations.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Ang ganda, how i wish I could visit that place someday.

  5. You know I'm a glutton for these churches, Maria, so thank you! So different from what I see here in Europe, of course, but still grandiose. I see the resemblance to the Sagrada Familia, yes. And what a wonderful story about the Star of David in all the stain-glassed windows. I love it.

  6. I almost always make it a point to visit the churches of the places I visit. That is indeed a lovely cathedral. I like the Star of David touch!

  7. the church looks really artistique and historic.
    wonderful shot p.c
    very good angles..
    esp. like the inscriptions on below the arch, and the patterned tileworks make a nice design, not to mention it's baroque inspired.
    i like churches like this, i could stay there and enjoy it for hours.

  8. Your series conveys the beauty of this marvelous cathedral. Your decision to visit the church rather than shop was a very good one. The Star of David story was an interesting sidelight. Fine shooting.

  9. That is a beautiful cathedral, and you got some great shots of it! We were just there last January--it was one of the stops on our cruise. It's sad that shortly after our cruise we got an email from Holland America Line saying that they (and other lines, like Princess Line) would no longer stop at Mazatlan because too many tourists are getting mugged.

  10. What a marvelous piece of architecture!

  11. wonderful photos as usual. I specially love that 3rd photo. It is amuzing to have star of David at its windows. I remember in Sweden some old Roman Catholic churches are now Lutheran Churches, but structures are very distinctly RC

  12. Really an opulent basilica, especially with star of David inculcated in its architecture.

  13. Wow!! the phrase in the last photo is really strong and it seems it belongs to actual times in Sinaloa.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  14. I'm in awe at this building! It's simply amazing and your shots are fantastic as usual.

  15. very unique facade design. beautiful from the outside. the interior are also nice but the facade is simply amazing.

  16. It's a beautiful building, truly a work of art.

  17. The soaring ceiling is impressive - I'd have a stiff neck gawking at it for sure!


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