Mazatlan: Drive By Shots

We left the cliff diver area and proceded to go to the church. On the way to the church, he took us to Old Town, where we just drove by as there were no parking spots to be found and the other people in our tour had mobility problems.
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Some of the neighborhood are falling apart, greatly damaged by the drug woes. The guide was quick to say that every effort is being made to rehabilitate these neighborhoods. I was was glad he showed us these areas where windows and doors are boarded up and the walls are littered with graffiti.
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We were driven to the open air market, well not really a "market" since they set shop on the sidewalk and became the shrimp market, Mazatlan being the shrimp capital. They had good shrimps I can see, but we were on a cruise and we couldn't shop for raw food :)
WE passed by the hotels and resorts overlooking the water.


  1. It looks like a lovely town fallen on hard times. It is sad what our nations demand for drugs is doing to our neighbor.

  2. some scenes here almost look like parts of Manila.:p great drive-by shots.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your drive-by shots of the various neighborhoods in Mazatlan. It's sad how the drug war is debilitating the entire country. With all the move of drugs into this country, there must be many drug users all around us that I don't recognize as being on an illicit drug.

  4. Beautiful views of the streets and the buildings, I've enjoyed them!

  5. Drive by shots? Fantastic set!

  6. Great drive-by shots, Maria. And as I always say, they're better than nothing! So many cities and states and countries in the world have two sides of the coin: extreme wealth side-by-side with extreme poverty. (sigh)

  7. haha, the fotos looks a bit like erm what luna m. commented. ^0^
    wonderful drive by, always fun to take pictures when inside the car, you never know what you can capture. ^-^

  8. In those places people is very kind with foreigners. They are not rich but they share what they have.



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  9. reminds me of vigan and some streets in intramuros manila. but these are more colorful.

  10. I was in Mazatlan many years ago. Can't remember too much from the town. I don't think it was as colorful then as it is now. I think I spent most of my time on the beach flirting with the locals!


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