Mazatlan: Ending the Day with Shopping

Yes, shopping is inevitable especially since the people in our tour went ashore mainly to shop. The tour guide then took us to a place that he says is where he takes everyone that goes on his tour, which I know is code for "I have a commission with this store."

I was happy to go inside the store - first, the thermometer had gone north by this time and I was glad to be inside where there is stronger AC than what the van provided, second - I had an inkling this stop would provide more shooting ops, and I was not wrong.

The free refreshments - choice of margarita or beer - while shopping was an added ooomph.

The store sells everything as I'm going to show you. Plus there is an attached jewelry section where they specialize in - what else - silver jewelry. While I gawked at all the masks, I left the store with a little silver chain that I matched with my little Maltese cross that I picked up in Malta in my previous travel.

Three-piece wall art that would go along so perfectly with my living room color scheme, but I wasn't ready to carry extra weight in my luggage.
I'm a sucker for these statues/decor but I don't have a place to display them at my house.
Well, cross is a popular design especially in predominantly Catholic countries.
Tempted to pick one up, reminds me of my childhood days.
They have a whole section on items for Dia dela Muerte.
Don't you want to take them home?
There is a series of these paintings that really make me wanna laugh out loud.
This is part of that series/set. Cute isn't it?
mask collage_Page000
But my favorite of all are the masks. I love capturing masks. Some day when I can (afford to), I will start collecting masks :)

And so another lovely shore day on the cruise came to an end.

This is my entry for this week's MY WORLD.


  1. these are all wonderful collectibles; i myself can't put down anything from the choices - i want them all, hahaha!

    you are so blessed to have traveled to these places, and i am grateful you are sharing the experience with us.

  2. I am LOVING your new template background, Maria, and wish I had found it first! :) WOWSER. And yes, when you go into a shop like that, it's hard to know what NOT to buy!

  3. I love the new theme! ang cool s mata at bagay sa mga colorful at artsy photos here. =)

    love the cross too! kung mayaman lang ako papakyawin ko yan. hehe

  4. they have great stuff in that store. i like the statues featured here but i've been trying not to shop much during my travels.

  5. i love the dolls! my daughter always say they're creepy but i insist they're cute he he

  6. Love that wall art in the first shot!

  7. What a wonderful colorful array of sights from your shopping. I enjoyed these shots very much.

  8. The wall art is so eye-catching and the fat ladies so cute!

  9. Oh, I do love all your captures!! And what great memories! I took a similar cruise several years ago and went to Mazatlan! It was wonderful! These are so colorful and delightful! Hope you have a great week!


  10. I love bringing home stuff from my travels but oftentimes stop myself as my place can't handle the clutter. But I don't think I'll have that much willpower in this store. They have too many interesting stuff. Love the fat lady collection and the cross is so creative, I'd love to have one on my wall.

  11. Wow! I would go for the three-piece wall art, for sure!!

  12. They're all so lovely - I'd love to take ALL of those jugs and vases home. Or at least, one vase. They're just gorgeous!

  13. Wonderful and colorful. Like them

  14. those doll-face curvaceous woman are just delightful

  15. What an attractive shop it is!! Hard to choose!
    Masks are so mysterious, so I am afraid of seeing them in darkness. I enjoyed a pleasant tour with you. Thanks. I do love all of your photos.
    Have a great day!

  16. What a fabulous and appealing series of gifts in that shop. I can see how hard it would be to think of cramming more things in the luggage when looking at some of these larger items. Fine, colorful post.

  17. Good new design of your photoblog!!!



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  18. as much as i was looking forward to your informative post,
    can't wait for your intricate and cool finds.
    i'm drawn to those "cute" paintings, i think it's inspired by a spanish painter or was it mexican?!
    oh! can't remember the name already...

    these days, i try not to be tempted when i travel, i use my camera and take loads of fotos instead.
    my sis says, i;m a last minute shopper,
    i usually buy loads of whatnot two days before we leave the city. haha.

  19. For sure you had lots of fun taking this pictures. ;)

  20. That's a fascinating and colorful store. Luckily I'm not much of a shopper, except for CDs.

  21. love the new layout! and the photos with frame!

    anyway, though Im sure I cant afford any of the items, my eyes will surely appreciate every art. =)

  22. Gorgeous display of art! Love all your shots!

  23. How many thrilling and interesting things, thanks for sharing this beautiful sequence of photos!

  24. That painting of a reclining lady is really cute..and to think they offered refreshments..that's unique for a store. By the way I like your new and nice template!

  25. you are right about tour guides and their commissions. Once in Bangkok, we were ripped off. we went to the tourist police.

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  27. i love this store! most especially the art paintings! and the masks are gorgeous too! still have a lot to catch up from your blog. :)

  28. I love the paintings here (especially the one in the top picture) and the masks.


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