Another Day At The Ballpark

My baseball team is currently struggling BIG TIME. They have been beset with many injuries this year, their offense is nonexistent, and their rock solid pitching has had some rocky patches this year. It's a wonder that they were not as far behind as they are right now. But being the defending champions, their fans are expecting much more. A repeat is the only thing that would satisfy. It doesn't look like that will happen from where I am sitting.

So this is quite an inopportune time to be posting this, but I have been very busy lately that I have no time to collect all the other images I have for other posts.

It was Father's Day this year when hometown rivals San Francisco Giants crossed the bridge to play the Oakland Athletics in Oakland.

Our tickets were way up high, I think they called those seats Mount Davis or something. But the good thing about those seats, they were practically over the home base so the shooting was good.

Here are some of the images I took of that Father's Day game.

The singing of the national anthem.
The lineups were exchanged.
The A's starting pitcher approaching the mound.
The Giant's hitter tries to bunt for a base.
But the pitch was a little too close.
The Giant's starting pitcher.
After a play.
The second baseman on the right signals 2 for 2 outs.
The lord of the left field.
The centerfielder watches as a balloon passes him by.
The Athletics lorded it over the Giants.


  1. baseball's so greek to me but looking at your photos makes it so interesting than browsing a sports cable tv channel.

    your captures are nicely framed!

  2. thanks for the heads up,
    you know how it's here when you talk about baseball..Zzzzz.
    but your post and fotos made it all interesting.

  3. The little boy here often requests that we watch any game at a stadium! I'll show him this post.

    P.S. Do you still open your fb account? drop me a line i'm gonna send you something :D Ohhh I did send you a postcard but never heard if it arrived lol

  4. Beautiful sequence! Excellent description of the movement.

  5. Sigh. I remember well both the great years and the lean years of the Braves in Atlanta, Maria, so I know all about these slumps. I'm afraid I haven't been keeping up on baseball this season, however. Hmmm. Now you've got my curiosity! :)

    I love all the pictures, reminding me of the games we'd try to see at least once a year. The rest we'd watch on TV, of course.

  6. Go Giants! And A's! I went to my first Giants game this year. Bleacher seats, which were not bad.

  7. you really got great shots here.

  8. Good luck on their next game. I was amused at the name of where you were seated - is Mt. Davis an allusion to the heavenly distance you were from the field?


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