Eat Real Festival Year 3

~ Read Eat Real Festival Year 2 here. ~

September is the time for food festivals in this neck of the woods so I was a bit bummed that my vacation fell at the same time as the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival in San Francisco and the Solano Stroll - 2 of my fave food festival slash street fair. There is always a next year, I consoled myself.

But all was not lost as my luck held out when I found out that the baby in the food festival group in the Bay Area was holding it's yearly show right after we got back from our vacation.

And so with a few friends we tackled the festival with this plan - each has to go and roam the festival and seek out the food truck that interests them and bring 3 items to share. We all met at a certain spot and laid out all the food we got from the food trucks/stalls and shared with everyone.

This year's festival ran from September 23 to 25, 2011 at the beautiful Jack London Square in Oakland waterfront.

I didn't take many photos this year. I was still having photo fatigue after shooting my heart out while on vacation.


Newcomer this year.

The food were priced either 3 or 5.

Display of the food they sell. We bought kuku paka - the coconut chicken/spinach dish. Familiar taste courtesy of the coconut milk.

Also from this stall, we got the beignets, which were showered with powdered sugar. If Emeril Lagasse was serving this he would kicked it up a notch by drizzling it with butterscotch syrup or chocolate syrup, I know I would.

I noted that the Mac N Cheese stall was popular.

Also new this year is this stall, where I got the best tasting burger I'd had in a while.

And speak of the devil, here it is - tadaaaa!!!!!

Vegetarian tamale - I have had better tasting ones.

Cooking demo, then free tasting for the crowd.

Clueless that food trucks were not legalized at all throughout Oak town.

This festival is about buying fresh and buying local and supporting sustainable means of growing food.

I missed seeing the french food truck SPENCER'S ON THE GO. I hope they would participate next year.

*** I am going to play catch up at work so in the next week I would still be scarce in your blog, but I will visit yours as soon as I get free time.***


  1. tamale looks pretty delicious! i hope we have one like that here. :(

  2. whoa! beignets! looks great. i miss doing food trip.

  3. i haven't eaten anything substantial in two weeks. your post is making me hungry. hopefully, i'll be back on track and be able to eat soon.

  4. Yum Yum Yum. That would be fun!

  5. Yum! This post makes me even more hungry, I can even hear the borborygmic sound of my stomach. I skipped last nights meal because I slept early.

    By the way, welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful vacation. Looking forward to reading your stories.

  6. I'm sorry you missed some of the festivals you like but this one looks great too. I hope you don't work yourself to death!

  7. Your idea about each person buying 3 things to share is a good one. I hope there were no duplicates. I would definitely want to share those beignets!

  8. I didn't know street food is NOT legal throughout Oak Land - were there issues about food preparation? Or licensing? Well at least you still get to sample even at the tail end of this festival.

  9. Oh I love food trucks! Baby it may be but the food looks fantastic. Yes especially those beignets!

  10. hi pc! the food looks tempting. ^0^
    i think if i were there, i'm going to have a hard time deciding what to eat. ^0^
    like me, i'm a bit short when it comes to posting these past few weeks too..
    btw, i was hoping to you send an email,
    have some questions about your BCN trip,
    but couldn't find your add,
    mine is at
    tnx! ^0^

  11. Parang ang linis ng street food nila :) Unlike here pero syempre mas masarap pag di masyado malinis :) hehe

  12. They call that street food over there? The meals look pretty fancy to me hehehe Nothing compared to THE street food here, no?

  13. I would like to have free time like you so I can visit colorful festivals. Your photos are nice and warm as ussual.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  14. Mmmm....sounds yum. Did you enjoy your chicken/coconut/spinach ? Sounds like a good combination.

  15. I love this... multicultural cookfest is always a ball.


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